Mole Hole

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Kirby's Epic Yarn Stage InfoBox
Mole Hole Start Screen
Treasures -Carrot Dresser
-Tree-Stump Bed
-Mole Hole Soundtrack
Patch Mole Patch
Metamortex Transformation(s) Digger
Previous Stage Fangora
Next Stage Weird Woods
Theme Music
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Mole Hole the sixth of the seven stages in Grass Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn, and is the first EX stage. To unlock this stage, a Mole Patch from Fangora must be obtained by collecting at least 1100 beads during the fight.

Patch Animation

After throwing the Mole Patch, it settles into a dedicated slot and an animation of a mole digging away brown wool below the level. The yarn above it falls down, giving access to the door.


The stages revolves around the Digger Metamortex, due to being covered in dirty cotton, soft ground that can be dug away. The transformation is used for the entirety of the stage. The level plays underground, except for the part where Kirby gets the Digger Metamortex. Beads, treasures, and doors are hidden in the dirt, under rocks or behind small block-pushing puzzles involving falling yarn blocks.

The stage revolves around the Digger Metamortex transformation, as it is covered entirely of dirty cotton representing soft ground that is capable of being drilled. Kirby uses the Digger until the end of the stage, where the first and last parts are the only parts where he is normal. Beads are collected by digging to them in the soil, although most cannot be seen until obtained. Kirby can also destroy rocks to reveal parts he can go behind the fabric foreground to collect even more beads and other treasures such as the Carrot Dresser, Tree Stump Bed, and Mole Hole music. The stage has fire lizards, Candlemanders, that crawl around and attacd Kirby, causing him to lose beads. Other than them, and a single Gator this stage has no enemies to hinder Kirby. Candlemanders can be destroyed by dropping Cloth Blocks on them.

Behind all of the dirty cotton there are something like wall paintings or carvings showing Prince Fluff and Cappy-looking individuals collecting and cooking food.

Medal Bead Scores

  • Bronze - 300 points
  • Silver - 600 points
  • Gold - 900 points


Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None.


A two-star Bonus Star can be found in the second row all the way on the right.

The first treasure, the Carrot Dresser, can be found behind a wall, and you can access it by destroying a rock that covers a door.

A three-star Bonus Star can be found in quicksand, above a Gator.

A five-star Bonus Star can be found below two large destroyable boxes with two falling, non-destroyable blocks in between.

The second treasure, the Tree-Stump Bed, can be found in the middle of a large swath of dirt.

The third treasure, the Mole Hole Soundtrack can be found by solving a small falling yarn block puzzle.


Video Walkthrough

100% walkthrough of Mole Hole.