Space Kracko

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Space Kracko
Space Kracko.jpg
Space Kracko from Outer Rings.
Debut game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Latest game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Copy Ability N/A
Similar to Kracko, Kabula
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Space Kracko is an outer-space relative of Kracko made of cotton and with a button-eye. He appears at the end of Outer Rings in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It cannot be avoided, thus serving as one of the few Mid-Bosses in the game. Space Kracko is colored grey, while his eye is green and his spikes are orange.

Kirby does battle with Space Kracko using the Rocket Metamortex transformation. Space Kracko attacks primarily by shooting large numbers of asteroids out of his eye, swooping around, and firing his cycle beam. It has a number of other attacks as well, which it uses less frequently. To defeat Space Kracko, Kirby has to fire continuously at him using the Rocket's star projectiles. Space Kracko will decrease in size a couple of times as it sustains damage until it is finally defeated. Upon his defeat, Space Kracko will drop the Outer Rings Soundtrack CD for Kirby to pick up.


  • According to his Patch Plaza Description, Space Kracko attacks with Li'l Krackos, yet Li'l Krackos are nowhere to be found. Either this was a mistake, or the asteroids Space Kracko fires are Li'l Krackos in disguise.
    • Additionally, it is also referred to as a male.
Rocket Kirby battles Space Kracko