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Future City

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Future City
KEY Future City Preview screenshot.png
The preview image for Future City.
Treasures -Space Monitor
-Space Table
-Future City Soundtrack
Metamortex Transformation(s) Saucer
Devil(s) (Devilish Mode) Ye-Devil
Theme music

Stage order
Evergreen Lift Tube Town
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Future City is the first stage of Space Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, unlocked by defeating King Dedede in Snow Land. This stage takes place in a sci-fi landscape with monorails, platforms on strings and a Saucer section. Clearing this stage grants the Plug Patch, which is used to unlock Tube Town.


The stage begins at the base of an elevator out on a metal platform. After riding the elevator up, Kirby can then ride a monorail while collecting beads, but he should be careful not to fall off. From here, the path leads through an area with conveyor belts, scales, and electrified wires before heading up another elevator to access the Saucer Metamortex. After that part is concluded, Kirby will need to hop across more precarious platforms and ride another monorail to reach the end of the stage.

Metamortex stretch[edit]

Kirby releases the spark

In the middle of the stage, Kirby can access the Saucer transformation. Here, he will have to contend with a very large amount of enemies, and also dodge fire spewers.

Medal Bead scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 600 points
  • Silver - 1200 points
  • Gold - 1800 points


Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Name Image Description Note
Space Monitor
KEY Furniture Space Monitor.jpg
This is the kind of TV we’ll watch in the future…right? Required to invite Mara
Space Table
KEY Furniture Space Table.jpg
This table from the future is rumored to make food automatically! N/A
Future City Soundtrack
KEY Patch Castle Soundtrack screenshot.png
This new music plays in Future City. N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みらいシティ
Mirai shiti
Future city
Canadian French Ville de l'avenir Future city
European French Cité futuriste Futuristic city
German Stadt der Zukunft City of the Future
Italian Futuropoli Mix of the words "futuro" (future) and "polis" (Latin for city)
Korean 미래 도시
milae dosi
Future city
Latin American Spanish Ciudad futurista Futuristic city
European Spanish Futuralia Future Land

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Future City.