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Find Kirby!! (series)

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Find Kirby!![derived from Japanese] is a series of Japanese only hidden picture books themed after the Kirby series, illustrated by Tau and Poto Karino (the same illustrators of the Kirby novel series), published by Kadokawa and supervised by WARPSTAR, Inc. Each book features a short story explaining that the Kirby Printer mass-produced Kirby copies, followed by a couple big illustrations predominantly featuring multiple pink Kirbys in various locations, as well as other characters and items, with a list of elements to find in each illustration. In particular, the illustrations feature all sorts of elements from the series, common and obscure, and most are themed after specific games and/or specific locations.


The following is a full list of each Find Kirby!! book in chronological order.

List of volumes  
# Cover Title Release date Description
1 Let's Find Kirby cover.jpg 星のカービィをさがせ!!
Find Kirby!!
April 2nd, 2019 たくさんのカービィのなかから、あんなカービィこんなカービィをさがそう!

たくさんのカービィのなかから、スターロッドを持ったカービィなど、あんなカービィ、こんなカービィをさがしちゃおう! メタナイトやデデデ、ワドルディなど、カービィ以外のキャラクターもいたりして、みているだけでも楽しいイラストがまんさい!!

Let's find this Kirby and that Kirby from among many Kirbys!

Let's find a Kirby holding a Star Rod, this Kirby, that Kirby, and more, from among many Kirbys! It's full of illustrations that are fun to look at, with characters other than Kirby, such as Meta Knight, Dedede, and Waddle Dee!

2 Let's Find Kirby Full of Kirby cover.jpg 星のカービィをさがせ!! カービィがいっぱい
Find Kirby!! Full of Kirby
December 2nd, 2020 たくさんのカービィのなかから、いろんなカービィをさがしだそう!

「星のカービィをさがせ!!」の第2弾が登場!! またまたコピーカービィたちが大騒ぎ!?

たくさんのカービィのなかから、お題にでてくるカービィをさがしだしてね! ワドルディレポート隊も登場しているのでお楽しみに♪

Let's find various Kirbys from among many Kirbys!

The second volume of the "Find Kirby!!" series is now out! The Kirby copies are in an uproar once again?!

Find the Kirbys that match the themes from among the many Kirbys! The Channel PPP Crew also makes an appearance, so look forward to it♪

3 Let's Find Kirby Have Fun at the Party cover.jpg 星のカービィをさがせ!! パーティーでだいしゅうごう!
Find Kirby!! Big Gathering at the Party!
September 28th, 2023 カービィが大量発生中! いろんなカービィをさがそう!!




『星のカービィ 鏡の大迷宮』
『星のカービィ ロボボプラネット』
『星のカービィ ディスカバリー』

Among a massive outbreak of Kirbys! Let's find various Kirbys!

The third volume of the "Find Kirby!!" series is now out!

Kirby has decided to throw a party full of treats, and he appears in various places holding invitation letters♪

Let's find the Kirbys that match the themes from among the many Kirbys!

You can enjoy illustrations of various games such as
"Kirby's Pinball Land"
"Kirby Air Ride"
"Kirby & The Amazing Mirror"
"Kirby: Planet Robobot"
"Kirby Fighters 2"
"Kirby and the Forgotten Land"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィをさがせ!!
Hoshi no kābyi o sagase!!
Find Kirby of the Stars!!