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Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins

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Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins

KatRC Hooplagoon Relic of the Ruins select.png

KRC 2-Boss Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins Stage Select JP.jpg

Stage selection screen.
Host level Yellow Dunes
Stage number 4
Boss Hooplagoon
Treasures Hooplagoon Figurine
Theme music
Level progression
The Long-Lost Ruins Swept Out to Sea
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Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins is the last stage of Yellow Dunes. This stage pits Kirby against the mechanical relic boss Hooplagoon within an ancient ruin. Completing this stage awards the Hooplagoon Figurine and unlocks the next level: Indigo Ocean.


There are two principal areas in this stage. In the first, Kirby makes his way into a ruin similar to the one seen in The Long-Lost Ruins. He'll have to dig through some soft clay on the way down and move a Grindarr out of the way before proceeding through the door.

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The next room is wide and octagonal in shape. Before long, Hooplagoon emerges from the wall and begins his attack. Hooplagoon attacks by firing lasers from prongs between his plates while drifting around the room. To defeat him, Kirby must shatter each of his external plates. Each time a plate is broken, Hooplagoon grows in size and moves faster, while dropping Point Stars. Three of the plates can be destroyed using simple Touch Dashes, but the final plate is made of metal, requiring a Star Dash to break. Once Hooplagoon is defeated, Kirby and Elline have a victory dance, then move on to Indigo Ocean.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Grindarr.png Grindarr


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 遺跡いせきぬし バウンドグーン
Iseki no nushi Baundogūn
Hooplagoon, master of the ruins
French Le grand Voltaac des ruines The great Hooplagoon of the ruins
German Roto-Rowdy aus den Ruinen Hooplagoon from the ruins
Latin American Spanish Rebotoide, amo de las ruinas Hooplagoon, master of the ruins