Truck Monster

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Enemy InfoBox
Truck Monster.jpg
Truck Monster from Pyramid Sands.
Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Copy Ability N/A
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Truck Monster is an enemy which appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn during Off-Roader sections of stages. The term refers not to one particular enemy, but to any enemy which drives the specific vehicle involved, being an off-roader style car. The driver could be a Waddle Dee, Dandan, or Uniclod.

Truck Monsters appear when Kirby transforms into an Off-Roader and challenge him to a race. When driving down the road, Kirby will be able to pass them if he keeps his speed up, but will be hurt if he collides into them. This can be averted by jumping over them, jumping on top of them, or using a boost to drive through them. At the end of the track, the various drivers will appear on a race podium, with an empty slot for Kirby if he placed third or above in the race. Naturally, getting a higher place will yield a higher podium, and yield a greater reward in Beads.