Up the Big Ol' Tree

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Up the Big Ol' Tree
KRC 1-2 Up the Big Ol' Tree Stage Select.jpg
Stage selection screen.
Host level Green Valley
Stage number 2
Treasures Cannon Cotta Figurine
Cotta Knight Figurine
The Adventure Begins (Arrangement) Music
Bouncy Figurine
King Dedede's Theme Music
Level progression
The Adventure Begins Great Cave Escape
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Up the Big Ol' Tree is the second stage of Green Valley in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. This level takes place inside of a large tree trunk. Eventually Kirby ends up in its branches and then makes his way up into the sky. Completing this level unlocks stage 1-3 Great Cave Escape.


Area 1: Kirby enters the stage in the shade of a great tree, with a rainbow and waterfall in the background. A trio of bushes to the right of the door provide an ideal hiding spot for point stars.

Area 2: Kirby starts out at the base of the tree and must make his way upward as the level progresses. False-walls on either side of the trunk provide a hiding place for additional food and point stars. Some conservation is necessary to reach the first treasure near the top of the tree.

Area 3: Kirby flies out of the top of the tree into the sky. Soarars fly by carrying point stars, and a Bouncy hides in the clouds. Collecting all the blue point stars here within the time limit will reward the player with a 1-Up.

Area 4: A canon sequence has Kirby soaring through the big tree's branches. Proper timing here will net an extra life and a treasure.

Area 5: Even higher than the treetops, bits of cloud blot the landscape. Hidden items are found near the top and bottom of this area, despite the directions on the signs. Fans of Kirby's Pinball Land will enjoy the pinball-styled platforming beyond the Gray Zone. Candy makes its first appearance of the game. Swift maneuvering here towards the area's right side can net an extra life.

Area 6: An area high in the sky, the stage covered in clouds. Hidden within are point star spinners. The roulette wheel is not far off.

Treasure guide[edit]

All five treasures in 1-2 Up the Big Ol' Tree.
  • Cannon Cotta Figurine - In the second area near the top of the tree, Kirby should use a Star Dash to get past the Gray Zone.
  • Cotta Knight Figurine - Kirby must fight off the Cotta Knights in the third area with a Star Dash and move upwards towards the treasure.
  • The Adventure Begins (Arrangement) Music - In the third area, just before jumping into the Launch Cannon, Kirby should enter the time-challenge door. In the challenge, maneuvering around the bumpers will net Kirby the treasure.
  • Bouncy Figurine - In the fourth area, Kirby should time the cannon fire just right to snag the treasure being tugged behind the Soarar.
  • King Dedede's Theme Music - In the fifth area, Kirby must collect all the glowing puzzle pieces before time runs out to reveal the treasure.

Medal scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 0-499?
  • Silver - 500-899?
  • Gold - 900+


Regular Enemies Boss/Mid-Boss

  • None

Special Abilities
  • None