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The Secret Diary is a special diary that appears in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. The Diary's pages have been scattered, but can be regained and put back in their proper place when Kirby and Elline collect them in the Goal Game. Elline wrote this diary (as per her position as the book's writer) and puts various pictures her thoughts and dreams within the Diary's pages, though sometimes she may sneak a photograph or two in.


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  • On the page Kirby's Friends, the characters shown (King Dedede, Meta Knight, a Waddle Doo, and a Cappy) differ from their default appearance. Meta Knight has glasses and a top hat replacing his mask, the Cappy has legs, the Waddle Doo has a human-like eye and some hair, and King Dedede has a different body plan, a moustache, a true crown, no gloves, and a different-looking (but still regal) outfit.
    • This may imply that Elline did not quite understand what the characters looked like fully.