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Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Last Game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Weakness(es) Tongue
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Fangora is the first boss of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, fought in Grass Land for the second strand of Magic Yarn.

Physical Appearance

Fangora is a green dragon, with red wings. Its tongue is triangularly shaped at the end, and on the other side is a button which Kirby can pull on. It has yellow horns and claws. The last aspect of Fangora is the triangular pattern down its back.

Boss Battle

Fangora is fought after Big Bean Vine, where the vine the level is situated on grows until it reaches the boss door. The boss fight begins with Fangora blowing Kirby away with its wings and then roaring.

Fangora attacks Kirby in three primary ways, with the first two involving blowing first.

  • The first is by firing its tongue at Kirby, with the number of times varying on how many times it has been hit.
  • The next attack is by firing fiery breaths at Kirby. The number of times also varies on how many times it has been hit.

The two attacks alternate. Each time after each attack, Fangora will then let the button on the back side of its tongue drop. Kirby can now use his yarn rope to attack Fangora with the button. It will now lose many beads and perform its third attack.

  • This attack has Fangora flying up, then dropping down in the background. It will then appear where Kirby was standing, which can be shown by the movement of the yarns in the background. Kirby must move away from that area to not get hit. It will then blow its wings and perform the attack it didn't perform last.

Another way Fangora can be attacked is by using the yarn rope to grab the fiery breaths, and firing them back at Fangora. This, however, only gives beads to Kirby rather than hurt Fangora. Fangora must be hit thrice through the tongue method in order to be defeated, with the last attack being performed twice.

In the Devilish Mode, the Me-Devil appears during this boss battle. Fangora makes another appearance during the Yin-Yarn fight, being his first creation. This Fangora, however, only takes one hit to be defeated.

Medal Bead Scores

  • Bronze - 300 points
  • Silver - 550 points
  • Gold - 800 points
  • Patch - 1100 points

A perfect score in this stage is 1250 points.


  • Fangora was one of the first bosses in the game to be revealed, alongside Hot Wings.
  • Fangora's button that Kirby uses to defeat him has a different design in one of the earlier trailers for the game.

Video Walkthrough

Flawless fight with Fangora.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドドワン
French Dragrognon[1]
Spanish Dragruñón[2]