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Great Cave Escape

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Great Cave Escape

KatRC Great Cave Escape select.png

KatRC 1-3 Great Cave Escape Stage Select JP.jpg

Stage selection screen.
Host level Green Valley
Stage number 3
Treasures Gordo Figurine
Bronto Burt Figurine
Through the Sky Music
Carpa Figurine
Vegetable Valley Music
Theme music
Level progression
Up the Big Ol' Tree The Forest of Whispy Woods
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This article is about the level in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and should not be confused with The Great Cave Offensive.

Great Cave Escape is the third stage of Green Valley in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. This stage has Kirby spelunking inside of a cave with cracked brown walls. Waterfalls filter down through holes in the ceiling and cannons are used to navigate between areas. Bronto Burt, Carpa, and Gordo appear for the first time in this stage. Completing this stage unlocks stage 1-Boss The Forest of Whispy Woods.


At the start of the stage, Kirby falls from the sky into a deep cavern. Waterfalls appears for the first time, requiring the player to use the Rainbow Rope to manipulate the environment and move Kirby simultaneously. After making short work of some Cottas, a Launch Cannon jettisons Kirby deeper into the cave.

Then in the area that follows, Kirby must travel left, crossing under several waterfalls and going even deeper into the cave before coming back up and using a cannon to launch himself to the other side of the area, breaking the red blocks near the ceiling of the area in the process. A pink Bronto Burt and Gordo are seen in this area for the first time. A treasure near the left side of the area requires Kirby's Star Dash to break through the metal blocks guarding it.

After entering the area by cannon, Kirby must cross under a large waterfall littered with Carpa, one of which is carrying a medium point star. Collecting the large point star at the top of the waterfall will allow the player to use Kirby's Star Dash to break the metal blocks, providing access to the time-challenge door and another treasure. A blue Bronto Burt is seen here for the first time. Finding a secret switch in this area will cause a flood of point stars and a 1-Up to fall down a waterfall.

A giant waterfall pushes Kirby deeper into the cave. Using Star Dash to the left provides access to milk and an extra life. After making his way through a maze of Gordos and timing a cannon launch across a waterfall, Kirby is launched upwards.

The final area is a secluded room in the cave home to the roulette wheel, where shafts of light pierce the ceiling to reveal a beautiful flower.

Treasure guide[edit]

All five treasures in 1-3 Great Cave Escape.
Treasure Chest locations in Great Cave Escape  
Treasure How to reach
KatRC Great Cave Escape Treasure 1.png
Treasure 1: Gordo Figurine
At the leftmost side of area two, use Star Dash to break the metal blocks guarding this treasure.
KatRC Great Cave Escape Treasure 2.png
Treasure 2: Bronto Burt Figurine
This is the treasure that the player sees upon entering area two, access to it is blocked by barrier blocks. Entering the cannon at the leftmost side of this area will blast Kirby all the way to the other side and expose this treasure.
KatRC Great Cave Escape Treasure 3.png
Treasure 3: Through the Sky Music
In area three, break the metal blocks using Kirby's Star Dash to access the time-challenge door. Defeat the Cottas within the time limit to get the treasure.
KatRC Great Cave Escape Treasure 4.png
Treasure 4: Carpa Figurine
Near the left side of area three, a Carpa carrying this treasure chest slowly climbs a waterfall. Use the Rainbow Rope to stop the flow and then grab the treasure.
KatRC Great Cave Escape Treasure 5.png
Treasure 5: Vegetable Valley Music
Using Star Dash to get past the Gray Zone in area three will launch Kirby into a bell. Lead Kirby into the gray zone at a high angle to have him fall onto the treasure, or try and guide him while he's star dashing.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Bronto Burt.png
KatRC Blue Bronto Burt.png
Bronto Burt
KatRC Cotta.png Cotta
KatRC Carpa.png Carpa
KatRC Gordo.png Gordo


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 洞窟どうくつをぬけて
Doukutsu o nukete
Through the Cave
French La grande évasion de la caverne The great escape from the cave
German Flucht aus der Höhle Escape from the cave
Italian Fuga dalle caverne Escape from the caverns
Spanish Fuga de la caverna Escape from the cavern