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Yellow Dunes

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Yellow Dunes

KatRC Yellow Dunes select.png

KRC Level 2 Yellow Dunes JP.jpg

Yellow Dunes in the World Map.
Level Nr. 2
Stages Dig and Dash
Deploy the Kirby Tank!
The Long-Lost Ruins
Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins
Boss Hooplagoon
Theme music
Level progression
Green Valley Indigo Ocean
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Yellow Dunes is the second level of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and the second section of Seventopia. It is a largely arid desert region, replete with ruins filled with sand, Grindarrs, lasers, and other hazards. The boss of this region is Hooplagoon.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Defeating Hooplagoon is necessary to move on to Indigo Ocean. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Transformation Treasures Description Notes
No 5 True to the stage title, much of this stage involves using the Rainbow Rope to clear away clogged passages, so Kirby can get through. Drill Cotta and Grindarr are first seen here.
Kirby Tank 4 As the name implies, this is the first stage where the Kirby Tank is used. Most of this stage scrolls automatically, and Kirby will have to keep up while he shoots down the targets.
No 5 This stage takes place in winding ruined halls and chambers, and involves laser beams, light panel puzzles, and Bzztbulbs. The Mid-Boss Mecha Cotta is fought in this stage.
No 1 Hooplagoon is faced in this stage. He attacks by shooting lasers and generating a spark field around himself. Hooplagoon has four vulnerable pieces around his core, one of which requires a Star Dash to destroy. Destroying all four pieces defeats the boss. Completing this stage unlocks Indigo Ocean.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イエロー デューンズ
Ierō de~yūnzu
Yellow dunes
French Dunes jaunes Yellow dunes
German Gelbe Dünen Yellow dunes
European Spanish Dunas amarillas Yellow dunes