Dig and Dash

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Dig and Dash
KRC 2-1 Dig and Dash Stage Select.jpg
Dig and Dash stage selection screen
Host level Yellow Dunes
Stage number 1
Treasures Mega Grindarr Figurine
"Top Ride Medley" Track
Grindarr Figurine
Drill Cotta Figurine
"Space Area" Track
Level progression
The Forest of Whispy Woods Deploy the Kirby Tank!
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Dig and Dash is the first stage of the level Yellow Dunes in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby ventures through underground ruins. Keys, metal balls, and soft clay are introduced in this level. The enemies Drill Cotta, Grindarr, and Mega Grindarr first appear in this level.

Completing the level unlocks Deploy the Kirby Tank!.


The level begins in the desert. Kirby digs through soft clay within the area until he reaches a cannon that fires him underground.

In the area following, Kirby encounters numerous Drill Cotta. After he obtains a key, Kirby uses it to unlock the gate and continue downward to the next area.

Next, Kirby comes across a couple Grindarrs in this area, as well as a time-challenge door.

In the area after, several short puzzles are completed by Kirby to unblock a Mega Grindarr's path downwards, which also allows Kirby to continue to the next area.

Here, a door leading to a puzzle room is located, with no other obstacles.

After Kirby enters into the next area, multiple larger sized Drill Cotta attack him from above. Once Kirby reaches the bottom, he uses a cannon to make his escape to the surface.

Once the surface is reached, Kirby completes the level by using the roulette wheel.

Treasure guide[edit]

  • Second area - Several puzzle pieces must be quickly collected by Kirby to obtain the Treasure Chest, which contains the Mega Grindarr Figurine.
  • Third area - Kirby must complete the aforementioned time-challenge in this area to obtain the treasure chest, which contains the "Top Ride Medley" Track.
  • Fourth area - The first treasure chest located here must be found by Kirby, as well as the second treasure chest behind a locked gate. The first contains the Grindarr Figurine. The second contains the Drill Cotta Figurine.
  • Fifth area - Kirby must complete the aforementioned puzzle room in this area to obtain the treasure chest, which contains the "Space Area" Track.

Medal scores[edit]

  • Bronze: 0-299
  • Silver: 300-499
  • Gold: 500+


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name Notes
Drill Cotta Figurine.jpg Drill Cotta
Grindarr Figurine.jpg Grindarr
Mega Grindarr Figurine.jpg Mega Grindarr
Cotta General Figurine.jpg Cotta General


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