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The Forest of Whispy Woods

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The Forest of Whispy Woods

KatRC The Forest of Whispy Woods select.png

KRC 1-Boss The Forest of Whispy Woods Stage Select JP.jpg

Stage selection screen.
Host level Green Valley
Stage number 4
Boss Whispy Woods
Treasures Whispy Woods Figurine
Theme music
Level progression
Great Cave Escape Dig and Dash
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This article is about the stage in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. For the location in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, see Whispy Woods Forest.

The Forest of Whispy Woods is the last stage of Green Valley. This stage pits Kirby against a familiar wooded rival - Whispy Woods - though this time, he has a different attack strategy. Defeating Whispy Woods unlocks his Figurine, and also opens the way to Yellow Dunes.


Kirby appears in the so-called "Forest of Whispy Woods". Kirby runs into some flowers that transform into spike balls, demonstrating one of the attacks of Whispy Woods that our pink puffball will have to contend with later. More spike balls, Point Stars, and Cherries will appear in the rest of the area, and Kirby must be nimble to dodge all the spiky flowers as he rolls along to the door to the next area.

Then, in the following area, Kirby faces off against Whispy Woods for the first time. In this battle, Whispy Woods must be hit with Kirby's Touch Dash attack, all while maneuvering Kirby around the spiky flowers that the big old tree throws at him. This stubborn tree can also drop Point Stars that can help charge up Kirby's Star Dash, and Cherries to help heal Kirby. When Whispy Woods is at half his health, he summons Bronto Knights to protect his face, which makes it more difficult for him to be hit with a Touch Dash. Once Whispy Woods is defeated, he'll cry tears of defeat, then Kirby and Elline end the fight with a Kirby Dance, allowing them to move on to the Yellow Dunes.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Bronto Burt.png Bronto Burt
KatRC Bronto Knight.png Bronto Knight


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィスピーウッズのもり
Uisupī uzzu no mori
The forest of Whispy Woods
French La forêt de Whispy Woods The forest of Whispy Woods
German Whispy Woods' Wald Whispy Woods' forest
European Spanish El bosque de Whispy Woods The forest of Whispy Woods