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Treat Land

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Treat Land
KEY Treat Land Preview screenshot.png
Preview image of Treat Land.
Stages -Toy Tracks
-Mushroom Run
-Sweets Park
-Melody Town
-Squashini (boss)
-Cocoa Station (EX)
-Dark Manor (EX)
Boss Squashini
Theme Music
Land order
Hot Land Water Land
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Treat Land is the fourth level of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It can be accessed when Kirby and Prince Fluff obtain the third strand of Magic Yarn from Hot Wings in Hot Land. The boss of this level is Squashini. Defeating him will give Kirby the fourth strand of Magic Yarn and access to Water Land.


Name Image How to unlock
Toy Tracks KEY Toy Tracks Preview screenshot.png Defeating Hot Wings
Mushroom Run KEY Mushroom Run Preview screenshot.png Using the Hammer Patch
Sweets Park KEY Sweets Park Preview screenshot.jpg Using the Cake Patch
Melody Town KEY Melody Town Preview screenshot.png Using the Candy Patch
Squashini (Boss) KEY Squashini Preview screenshot.png Using the Air Pump Patch
Cocoa Station KEY Cocoa Station Preview screenshot.jpg Using the Cookie Patch
Dark Manor KEY Dark Manor Preview screenshot.png Using the Chocolate Patch


Name Image Found in Unlocks Unlock Requirements Animation
Hammer Patch KEY Hammer Patch.jpg Toy Tracks Mushroom Run Complete Toy Tracks. Upon tossing the patch, a large hammer appears and swings into the ground a number of times, causing mushrooms to appear in the background. The door opens once this concludes.
Cake Patch KEY Cake Patch.jpg Mushroom Run Sweets Park Complete Mushroom Run. Once the patch is tossed, a huge cake appears in the background with several decks, as toppings appear behind the door. From there, the door opens.
Candy Patch KEY Candy Patch.jpg Sweets Park Melody Town Complete Sweets Park. Once the patch is tossed, a giant chocolate-covered piano keyboard lands on top of the cake place before, and waves of musical notes start emerging from both sides. From there, the door opens.
Air Pump Patch KEY Air Pump Patch.jpg Melody Town Squashini Complete Melody Town. Once the patch is tossed, an air pump appears which inflates a pumpkin on ground level, which then rises high into the air, attacking to a strange circular structure. From there, the door to this fight opens.
Cookie Patch KEY Cookie Patch.jpg Squashini Cocoa Station Defeat Squashini with enough beads to obtain the patch. Throwing the patch causes another layer to be added to the 'cake' on top of the piano keyboard, which is made of cookies, ice cream and frosting. From here, the door opens.
Chocolate Patch KEY Chocolate Patch.jpg Cocoa Station Dark Manor Complete Cocoa Station. After throwing the patch, a series of chocolate bars appear above the cookie layer made previously, then a spooky-looking castle pops up with an organ sting, causing the door to open.
A wide view of the completed Treat Land area.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファンタジーランド
Fantajī Rando
Fantasy Land
Canadian French Coin bonheur Happiness spot
European French Contrée plaisir Pleasure land
German Hurraland Hooray Land
Italian Toppa Sorpresa Surprise Patch
Korean 판타지 랜드
pantaji laendeu
Fantasy Land
Latin American Spanish Dulcilandia Sweet Land
European Spanish Ilusia Excitement Land
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