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KEY Boinger screenshot.jpg
Boinger from Cloud Palace.
First game Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
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This weirdo will give you quite a lift if you jump on its head just right!
— Patch Plaza description

Boinger is a cloudy spring-shaped enemy from Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It can be found in Cloud Palace, where it floats on an arc-shaped trajectory in and out of the playing field along with numerous others of its kind. Boinger does not hurt Kirby; in fact, it helps him by giving him a way forward. When Kirby jumps on Boinger's head, he is propelled upward in a similar way to a trampoline. Using the Weight transformation allows Kirby to gain higher distance when bouncing from Boinger's head. Boinger likewise cannot be harmed, so it can be essentially seen as little more than a moving spring platform.


Boinger appears only in the Dream Land stage Cloud Palace.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボヨン
Japanese onomatopoeia for bouncing
European French Ressonimbus Portmanteau of "ressort" (spring) and "nimbus"
German Trampolit From "Trampolin" (trampoline)
Italian Boing Onomatopoeia for jumping
Spanish Resortín Diminutive of "resorte" (spring)