Woodland Battle

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Woodland Battle

KatRC Woodland Battle select.png

KRC 5-1 Woodland Battle Stage Select SP-NA.jpg

Woodland Battle stage selection screen
Host level Orange Woodland
Stage number 1
Treasures Mega Kirby Tank Figurine
Sportle Figurine
Forest Stage Track
Explortle Figurine
Sportletini Figurine
Level progression
Sky-High Whispy Woods Gondola Ride
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Woodland Battle is the first stage of the level Orange Woodland in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby makes use of the Kirby Tank transformation again and blasts his way through a series of deep dark forests, contending with fragile walkways, rolling logs, and many foes, including the new Sportles, Sportletinis, and Explortles.

Completing the stage unlocks Gondola Ride.


The stage begins in a deep wooded area, as Kirby needs to pass over a gap with four Cannon Cottas in it. From there, he can find a canvas, which Elline will use to transform him into the Kirby Tank before proceeding through the door further right.

The following area is an auto-scrolling section which moves back and forth. Kirby will need to fend off numerous threats in this area, including rolling logs, Bronto Burts, and the brand-new enemy Sportle, among others. Unlike in the first Kirby Tank stage, there are also pitfalls to contend with, so rainbow ropes will be needed to keep the tank moving safely. Near the top, a treasure chest can be collected before moving on to the next area.

This next area is a bit more straightforward, but also more perilous, as there are more gaps to contend with between fighting more enemies. Explortles appear here, which can be used to clear out enemies and obstacles more efficiently if shot at the right time. Two more treasure chests can be obtained in this area, with the second of these being found in a challenge room.

The third area features a long fragile bridge that Kirby will need to make use of. Lots of enemies try to ambush him here, including Bombzways. Two more treasure chests can be picked up along the way. After the main set of enemies are dealt with, Kirby needs to outpace a giant rolling log while fighting more Sportles to reach the end of this area.

In the last area, Kirby returns to normal form, and a single Cotta blocks his way to the roulette wheel at the end of the stage.

Treasure guide[edit]

All five treasures in 5-1 Woodland Battle.
Treasure Chest locations in Woodland Battle  
Treasure How to reach
Near the end of the first Kirby Tank scrolling area, a big formation of blocks appears in Kirby's way. On top of this formation is a chest surrounded by metal blocks. The Mega Kirby Tank attack is needed to break these blocks.
KatRC Woodland Battle Treasure 2.png
Treasure 2: Sportle Figurine
This chest can be found along the second scrolling area, guarded by two Cotta Generals.
KatRC Woodland Battle Treasure 3.png
Treasure 3: Forest Stage Track
Shortly after getting the second chest, a door to a challenge room can be found blocked away by metal blocks. Kirby these need to be cleared out, then Kirby needs to drive up to the door using a Rainbow Rope. Inside the room, Kirby has 15 seconds to make a log roll up a hill to hit a switch, granting him access to the chest.
KatRC Woodland Battle Treasure 4.png
Treasure 4: Explortle Figurine
Shortly into the third scrolling section, a Bombzway will fly in carrying this chest. Shooting it down will yield the chest to Kirby.
KatRC Woodland Battle Treasure 5.png
Treasure 5: Sportletini Figurine
Further along in the third scrolling area, this chest can be seen underneath the main bridge, guarded by Cannon Cottas.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Bombzway.png Bombzway
KatRC Bronto Burt.png
KatRC Blue Bronto Burt.png
Bronto Burt
KatRC Cannon Cotta.png Cannon Cotta
KatRC Cotta.png Cotta
KatRC Cotta General.png Cotta General
KatRC Cotta Knight.png Cotta Knight
KatRC Explortle.png Explortle
KatRC Sportle.png Sportle
KatRC Sportletini.png Sportletini