Kirby's Pad

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This article is about Kirby's apartment room in Patch Land. For Kirby's normal residence, see Kirby's house.
Kirby's Pad
Kirby's Pad.jpg
Kirby in his Pad, just after receiving it.
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Inhabitant(s) Kirby, Kirby's neighbors when visiting
Theme Music

no music given

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Kirby's Pad (known as Kirby's Flat in PAL regions) is the apartment room in Quilty Court (Room #101) rented out to Kirby by Dom Woole at the beginning of his adventure in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. The room itself is a fairly small and simple affair, but Kirby has the option of decorating it with Furniture and Fabric that he can obtain throughout the course of his adventure. Kirby does not need to decorate this room any more than placing a single item in it to obtain 100% completion, but there are quite a few ways in which this room can be decorated.

Placing Furniture[edit]

Main article: Furniture

Kirby's Pad can hold up to 24 distinct pieces of furniture, regardless of each individual item's size/shape. When placing a piece of furniture down, the player points the Wii Remote at the screen, and can place the object anywhere within the space, including overlapping other pieces of furniture. Furniture placed later will appear over furniture placed earlier. Multiple copies of the same piece of furniture can be placed at once, and many pieces of furniture can also be reupholstered using Fabric to change their appearance.

Using Fabric[edit]

Main article: Fabric

The main use of fabric is as wallpaper and flooring for the apartment room. Naturally, only one can be used at a time for each area. In addition to that, Fabric can also be used to reupholster many pieces of furniture, adding more variety to the already large number of items available to choose from.

Visiting neighbors[edit]

So long as Kirby has done something to decorate his pad, he will get the occasional visit from the other tenants of the Quilty Court (assuming any of them have moved in). These visits are mostly just for fun, but if Kirby has completed all of the rounds for the particular neighbor's game, the visiting neighbor will give Kirby a unique piece of fabric.