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In Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, Kirby can collect many fabric patterns which he can use to decorate his pad. There are 180 fabric patterns in all which can be acquired from the Fabric Shop or completing mini-games with Kirby's neighbors. There are six categories of Fabric with 30 pieces for each category.

(note that numbers next to fabrics obtained from the Fabric Shop are the prices in beads for the fabric in question)

Motif 1

List of Fabric in Motif 1  
No. Name Image Description Obtained
1 Blue Sky
Fabric Blue Sky.jpg
This fabric is patterned after the blue skies above Fountain Gardens. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 1)
2 Sunflower
Fabric Sunflower.jpg
Those big flowers make this fabric really pop! Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 6)
3 Buttonfly
Fabric Buttonfly.jpg
These little flies make for a lovely pattern, don't they? Buster’s Training (level 4)
4 Dandan
Fabric Dandan.jpg
This fabric is perfect for the martial-arts expert in your life. Buster’s Training (level 6)
5 Veggie
Fabric Veggie.jpg
This fabric is full of nutritious vegetables that are probably very good for you. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 17)
6 Waddle Dee
Fabric Waddle Dee.jpg
This fabric is very popular. Everyone seems to love those Waddle Dees! Buster’s Training (level 2)
7 Mummy Mania
Fabric Mummy Mania.jpg
This mummy-inspired fabric gives off a sense of history...and terror! Buster’s Training (level 3)
8 Fireball
Fabric Fireball.jpg
This pattern will keep you warm in any kind of weather. Get it while it's hot! Beadrix’s Run (level 7)
9 Battins
Fabric Battins.jpg
This one was inspired by everyone's favorite fanged, nocturnal cave dwellers. Mara's Race (level 8)
10 Dino Egg
Fabric Dino Egg.jpg
This cute dinosaur-egg pattern would make an adorable jumper for a baby bronto. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 7)
11 Lava
Fabric Lava.jpg
This lava-inspired pattern would make the perfect bib for a good BBQ! Carrie’s Transport (level 4)
12 Candlemander
Fabric Candlemander.jpg
Inspired by the only creature that can turn into a flame when angered. Mara's Race (level 28)
13 Colored Blocks
Fabric Colored Blocks.jpg
Colorful building blocks adorn this pattern. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 8)
14 Mushroom
Fabric Mushroom.jpg
This fabric may bring up memories of your favorite mushroom-hunting trip! Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 9)
15 Gifts of Love
Fabric Gifts of Love.jpg
This whimsical pattern is made of candles and hearts. Ah, fabric love... Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 10)
16 Music Lover
Fabric Music Lover.jpg
This pattern just sings, don't you think? Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 11)
17 Bitter Cocoa
Fabric Bitter Cocoa.jpg
This pattern reflects the tones of a dark, bittersweet chocolate. Yum! Beadrix’s Run (level 11)
18 Floaty Ghost
Fabric Floaty Ghost.jpg
This pattern is inspired by the ghost with the most! The most luminosity, that is... Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 18)
19 At the Beach
Fabric At the Beach.jpg
If you're ever longing for a day at the beach, this pattern will get you started. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 12)
20 Waves
Fabric Waves.jpg
Watch the ocean waves go by...all from the comfort of your very own room! Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 13)
21 Treasure Map
Fabric Treasure Map.jpg
With this fabric as your guide, you may be able to find some buried treasure! Carrie’s Transport (level 8)
22 Water Hoop
Fabric Water Hoop.jpg
If you have this fabric, you can see Bobberclod anytime you want! Buster’s Training (level 8)
23 Jolly Roger
Fabric Jolly Roger.jpg
This pattern is full of skulls and crossbones. Surprise the pirate in your life! Mara's Race (level 16)
24 Fossil
Fabric Fossil.jpg
This could've been picked up right off the ocean floor! Mara's Race (level 30)
25 Igloo
Fabric Igloo.jpg
Just because it's snowing doesn't mean you can't get out of the igloo and have fun! Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 14)
26 Warm Mittens
Fabric Warm Mittens.jpg
These yarn mittens make this pattern look so cozy and warm! Carrie’s Transport (level 9)
27 Snow Mountain
Fabric Snow Mountain.jpg
This fabric was inspired by an ice storm on a mountain. Mara's Race (level 18)
28 Snowflakes
Fabric Snowflakes.jpg
This fabric is filled with some really beautifully patterned snowflakes! Buster’s Training (level 11)
29 Iceberg
Fabric Iceberg.jpg
This fabric is perfect for your iceberg-vacation wardrobe... If you like camouflage. Beadrix’s Run (level 8)
30 Holiday Trees
Fabric Holiday Trees.jpg
This fabric brings wonderful holiday memories with it! Beadrix’s Run (level 17)

Motif 2

List of Fabric in Motif 2  
No. Name Image Description Obtained
1 Future City
Fabric Future City.jpg
Turn your room into the room of the future! Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 15)
2 Famicom
Fabric Famicom.jpg
This pattern is inspired by a legendary game console. Do you know which one? Carrie’s Transport (level 10)
3 UFO Sighting
Fabric UFO Sighting.jpg
Fill your room with UFOs: Upholstered Fabric Ottomans! Buster’s Training (level 12)
4 Milky Way
Fabric Milky Way.jpg
I see stars in your eyes... and in this pattern as well! Beadrix’s Run (level 9)
5 Planetarium
Fabric Planetarium.jpg
This fabric was inspired by a class trip to the planetarium. Beadrix’s Run (level 18)
6 Ringed Planet
Fabric Ringed Planet.jpg
Nothing feels like outer space more than a ringed planet. They're out of this world! Beadrix’s Run (level 20)
7 Woods
Fabric Woods.jpg
You ever relax under a forest canopy? There's just nothing like it... Ahhhh... Buster’s Training (level 14)
8 Butter Building
Fabric Butter Building.jpg
This fabric makes you feel like you climbed to the top of Butter Building. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 16)
9 Bubbly Clouds
Fabric Bubbly Clouds.jpg
This pattern is inspired by bubbles and clouds. I wish I could remember its name... Mara's Race (level 26)
10 Castle Dedede
Fabric Castle Dedede.jpg
This fabric is for those of us who can't get enough of the view of Castle Dedede. Mara's Race (level 27)
11 Ice Cream
Fabric Ice Cream.jpg
This pattern will make you happy to see your Fabric covered in ice cream! Beadrix’s Run (level 4)
12 Halberd
Fabric Halberd.jpg
This fabric is based on the color scheme inside the battleship Halberd. Beadrix’s Run (level 19)
13 Fangora
Fabric Fangora.jpg
This fabric depicts the glory of Fangora in flight. Buster’s Training (level 17)
14 Hot Wings
Fabric Hot Wings.jpg
Hot Wings gets repeated here on this pattern. That's a lotta hot and a lotta wings! Buster’s Training (level 7)
15 Squashini
Fabric Squashini.jpg
You know what's sort of creepy? Lots of Squashinis staring intently at you... Buster’s Training (level 18)
16 Capamari
Fabric Capamari.jpg
This fabric is inspired by Capamari. Do you think this was dyed with ink? Buster’s Training (level 19)
17 King Dedede
Fabric King Dedede.jpg
With this fabric, that King Dedede will only be a fabric choice away! Buster’s Training (level 20)
18 Meta Knight
Fabric Meta Knight.jpg
This very cool fabric was inspired by Meta Knight's sword, Galaxia. Buster’s Training (level 13)
19 Yin-Yarn
Fabric Yin-Yarn.jpg
Yin-Yarn can't do any harm when he's only a fabric pattern... Right? Buster’s Training (level 16)
20 Beadrix
Fabric Beadrix.jpg
Beadrix is making the scene on this neon pastel fabric. Received from Beadrix when she visits
21 Mara
Fabric Mara.jpg
Mara runs the groove in this dancing geometric pattern. Received from Mara when she visits
22 Buster
Fabric Buster.jpg
Buster struts his stuff in this distinguished fabric. Received from Buster when he visits
23 Carrie
Fabric Carrie.jpg
Carrie adorns this lovely fabric that's perfect for a bindle...or anything, really. Received from Carrie when she visits
24 Zeke
Fabric Zeke.jpg
Zeke plays hide-and-seek throughout this striking pattern. Received from Zeke when he visits
25 Grass Land
Fabric Grass Land.jpg
This fabric makes you feel as if you're back in Grass Land. Beadrix’s Run (level 3)
26 Hot Land
Fabric Hot Land.jpg
There's an exotic air to this fabric inspired by Hot Land. Beadrix’s Run (level 2)
27 Treat Land
Fabric Treat Land.jpg
I really think that the innocence and joy of Treat Land really come out in this cute fabric. Mara's Race (level 13)
28 Water Land
Fabric Water Land.jpg
The soothing waves of Water Land made this fabric wash up to my heart's shore. Mara's Race (level 15)
29 Snow Land
Fabric Snow Land.jpg
This Snow Land-inspired fabric falls softly around the shoulders. Mara's Race (level 20)
30 Space Land
Fabric Space Land.jpg
Ride the future of fashion with fabric inspired by Space Land! Mara's Race (level 22)


List of Fabric in the Plain category  
No. Name Image Description Obtained
1 Red Cotton
Fabric Red Cotton.jpg
Standard red fabric. Good for what it is. Fabric Shop (100)
2 Orange Cotton
Fabric Orange Cotton.jpg
Standard orange fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
3 Pink Cotton
Fabric Pink Cotton.jpg
Standard pink fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
4 Yellow Cotton
Fabric Yellow Cotton.jpg
Standard yellow fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
5 Lime Cotton
Fabric Lime Cotton.jpg
Standard yellow-green fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
6 Green Cotton
Fabric Green Cotton.jpg
Standard green fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
7 Light Blue Cotton
Fabric Light Blue Cotton.jpg
Standard light blue fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
8 Blue Cotton
Fabric Blue Cotton.jpg
Standard blue fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
9 Purple Cotton
Fabric Purple Cotton.jpg
Standard purple fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
10 Brown Cotton
Fabric Brown Cotton.jpg
Standard brown fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
11 White Cotton
Fabric White Cotton.jpg
Standard white fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
12 Black Cotton
Fabric Black Cotton.jpg
Standard black fabric. Fabric Shop (100)
13 Red Felt
Fabric Red Felt.jpg
Red felt. If you like red and felt, you'll enjoy this. Fabric Shop (200)
14 Orange Felt
Fabric Orange Felt.jpg
Orange felt. Fabric Shop (200)
15 Pink Felt
Fabric Pink Felt.jpg
Pink felt. Fabric Shop (200)
16 Yellow Felt
Fabric Yellow Felt.jpg
Yellow felt. Fabric Shop (200)
17 Lime Felt
Fabric Lime Felt.jpg
Yellow-green felt. Fabric Shop (200)
18 Green Felt
Fabric Green Felt.jpg
Green felt. Fabric Shop (200)
19 Light Blue Felt
Fabric Light Blue Felt.jpg
Light blue felt. Fabric Shop (200)
20 Blue Felt
Fabric Blue Felt.jpg
Blue felt. Fabric Shop (200)
21 Purple Felt
Fabric Purple Felt.jpg
Purple felt. Fabric Shop (200)
22 Brown Felt
Fabric Brown Felt.jpg
Brown felt. Fabric Shop (200)
23 White Felt
Fabric White Felt.jpg
White felt. Fabric Shop (200)
24 Black Felt
Fabric Black Felt.jpg
Black felt a little sleepy. Just kidding! It's black felt. Fabric Shop (200)
25 Pink Quilted
Fabric Pink Quilted.jpg
You wouldn't believe how soft this pink quilting is. Go ahead, touch it! ...OK, that's enough. Fabric Shop (300)
26 Beige Quilted
Fabric Beige Quilted.jpg
Beige quilting. Fabric Shop (300)
27 Green Quilted
Fabric Green Quilted.jpg
Green quilting. Fabric Shop (300)
28 Aqua Quilted
Fabric Aqua Quilted.jpg
Light blue quilting. Fabric Shop (300)
29 Purple Quilted
Fabric Purple Quilted.jpg
Purple quilting. Fabric Shop (300)
30 Gray Quilted
Fabric Gray Quilted.jpg
Gray quilting. Fabric Shop (300)


List of Fabric in the Simple category  
No. Name Image Description Obtained
1 Pink Border
Fabric Pink Border.jpg
Red bordered fabric. Nothing too fancy here, but it's nice. Fabric Shop (400)
2 Orange Border
Fabric Orange Border.jpg
Orange bordered fabric. Fabric Shop (400)
3 Green Border
Fabric Green Border.jpg
Green bordered fabric. Fabric Shop (400)
4 Light Blue Border
Fabric Light Blue Border.jpg
Light blue bordered fabric. Fabric Shop (400)
5 Black Border
Fabric Black Border.jpg
Black bordered fabric. Fabric Shop (400)
6 Pink Striped
Fabric Pink Striped.jpg
Pink striped fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
7 Yellow Striped
Fabric Yellow Striped.jpg
Yellow striped fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
8 Green Striped
Fabric Green Striped.jpg
Green striped fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
9 Light Blue Striped
Fabric Light Blue Striped.jpg
Light blue striped fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
10 Purple Striped
Fabric Purple Striped.jpg
Purple striped fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
11 Red Tile
Fabric Red Tile.jpg
Red tiled fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
12 Yellow Tile
Fabric Yellow Tile.jpg
Yellow tiled fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
13 Green Tile
Fabric Green Tile.jpg
Green tiled fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
14 Blue Tile
Fabric Blue Tile.jpg
Blue tiled fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
15 Brown Tile
Fabric Brown Tile.jpg
Brown tiled fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
16 Checkerboard
Fabric Checkerboard.jpg
Red and black checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
17 Bumblebee
Fabric Bumblebee.jpg
Yellow and black checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
18 Choco Mint
Fabric Choco Mint.jpg
Green and black checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
19 Blue Checked
Fabric Blue Checked.jpg
Light blue and black checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
20 Blackberry
Fabric Blackberry.jpg
Blue and black checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
21 Picnic
Fabric Picnic.jpg
Red and white checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
22 Vanilla Mint
Fabric Vanilla Mint.jpg
Green and white checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
23 Blueberry
Fabric Blueberry.jpg
Blue and white checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
24 Choco Chip
Fabric Choco Chip.jpg
Gray and white checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
25 Beige
Fabric Beige.jpg
Brown and white checkered fabric. Fabric Shop (500)
26 Country Red
Fabric Country Red.jpg
Red gingham fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
27 Lemonade
Fabric Lemonade.jpg
Yellow gingham fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
28 Pistachio
Fabric Pistachio.jpg
Green gingham fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
29 Sky Blue
Fabric Sky Blue.jpg
Blue gingham fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
30 Lavender
Fabric Lavender.jpg
Purple gingham fabric. Fabric Shop (600)


List of Fabric in the Pattern category  
No. Name Image Description Obtained
1 Pink Argyle
Fabric Pink Argyle.jpg
Pink argyle fabric. Fabric Shop (700)
2 Green Argyle
Fabric Green Argyle.jpg
Green argyle fabric. Fabric Shop (700)
3 Blue Argyle
Fabric Blue Argyle.jpg
Blue argyle fabric. Fabric Shop (700)
4 Green Tartan
Fabric Green Tartan.jpg
Green tartan fabric. Carrie’s Transport (level 2)
5 Red Tartan
Fabric Red Tartan.jpg
Red tartan fabric. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 5)
6 Red Dot
Fabric Red Dot.jpg
Red dotted fabric. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 4)
7 Yellow Dot
Fabric Yellow Dot.jpg
Yellow dotted fabric. Carrie’s Transport (level 6)
8 Green Dot
Fabric Green Dot.jpg
Green dotted fabric. Beadrix’s Run (level 13)
9 Baby Blue Dot
Fabric Baby Blue Dot.jpg
Light blue dotted fabric. Mara's Race (level 14)
10 Candy Dot
Fabric Candy Dot.jpg
Colorful dotted fabric. Buster’s Training (level 15)
11 Rainbow Dot
Fabric Rainbow Dot.jpg
Rainbow dotted fabric. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 2)
12 Blue Dot
Fabric Blue Dot.jpg
Blue dotted fabric. Carrie’s Transport (level 11)
13 Natural Dot
Fabric Natural Dot.jpg
Dotted fabric with a nice, natural color scheme. Zeke’s Hide-and-Seek (level 3)
14 Midnight Dot
Fabric Midnight Dot.jpg
Dotted fabric inspired by the night hours. Buster’s Training (level 10)
15 Sweet Dot
Fabric Sweet Dot.jpg
This dotted fabric looks good enough to eat! Don't do that, though. Please? Buster’s Training (level 1)
16 Black Star
Fabric Black Star.jpg
Black star-dotted fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
17 White Star
Fabric White Star.jpg
White star-dotted fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
18 Gold Star
Fabric Gold Star.jpg
Yellow star-dotted fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
19 Baby Blue Star
Fabric Baby Blue Star.jpg
Blue star-dotted fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
20 Flower Dot
Fabric Flower Dot.jpg
Flower-dotted fabric. Fabric Shop (600)
21 Honeycomb
Fabric Honeycomb.jpg
Orange honeycomb fabric. Mara's Race (level 3)
22 Waterfall
Fabric Waterfall.jpg
Light blue honeycomb fabric. Buster’s Training (level 9)
23 Green Star
Fabric Green Star.jpg
Green-starred fabric Mara's Race (level 2)
24 Blue Star
Fabric Blue Star.jpg
Blue-starred fabric Beadrix’s Run (level 5)
25 Caramel Star
Fabric Caramel Star.jpg
Brown-starred fabric Mara's Race (level 11)
26 Berry Soda
Fabric Berry Soda.jpg
This fabric is as much fun as a strawberry soda! Carrie’s Transport (level 3)
27 Orange Soda
Fabric Orange Soda.jpg
This fabric is as sweet as an orange soda. Buster’s Training (level 5)
28 Red Textile
Fabric Red Textile.jpg
Red woven textile for the hippie gal in your life! Mara's Race (level 6)
29 Green Textile
Fabric Green Textile.jpg
Green woven textile for the hippie guy in your life! Mara's Race (level 4)
30 Blue Textile
Fabric Blue Textile.jpg
Blue woven textile for every hippie in your life! Mara's Race (level 17)


List of Fabric in the Other category  
No. Name Image Description Obtained
1 First Wall
Fabric First Wall.jpg
This was your original apartment wall pattern. The default wall pattern for Kirby's Pad.
2 First Floor
Fabric First Floor.jpg
This was your original apartment floor pattern. The default floor pattern for Kirby's Pad.
3 Fluff Blue
Fabric Fluff Blue.jpg
This fabric is the same as the kind used in Patch Castle. Carrie’s Transport (level 1)
4 Brick
Fabric Brick.jpg
Brick-patterned fabric. Beadrix’s Run (level 12)
5 Stone Wall
Fabric Stone Wall.jpg
Fabric patterned to look like a stone wall. Beadrix’s Run (level 16)
6 Tiger Print
Fabric Tiger Print.jpg
A rather daring tiger print. Fabric Shop (800)
7 Zebra Print
Fabric Zebra Print.jpg
A nice, bold zebra print. Fabric Shop (800)
8 Leopard Print
Fabric Leopard Print.jpg
A leopard print fit for a king! Fabric Shop (800)
9 Cow Print
Fabric Cow Print.jpg
This is a cute cow print. Fabric Shop (800)
10 Giraffe Print
Fabric Giraffe Print.jpg
I love this giraffe print! Fabric Shop (800)
11 Mushroom Soil
Fabric Mushroom Soil.jpg
This pattern is full of springy mushrooms! Carrie’s Transport (level 5)
12 Happy Train
Fabric Happy Train.jpg
Take a train to your chosen destination with this jaunty pattern. I think it's jaunty... Mara's Race (level 10)
13 Palm Island
Fabric Palm Island.jpg
If you can't make it out to South Seas, try this out! Carrie’s Transport (level 7)
14 Raindrops
Fabric Raindrops.jpg
This cool water-drop pattern reminds me of a waterfall... or a beaded curtain. Beadrix’s Run (level 6)
15 Twirling Cross
Fabric Twirling Cross.jpg
This is an interesting one... Um, if you like it, then I think it's for you! Mara's Race (level 1)
16 Spinning Stars
Fabric Spinning Stars.jpg
This pattern of little stars will cast a twinkle upon your eye. Mara's Race (level 25)
17 Baby Stars
Fabric Baby Stars.jpg
This is definitely on the fancy side... Falling stars often are. Mara's Race (level 24)
18 Galaxy
Fabric Galaxy.jpg
I could just sit and stare at this pattern for hours... Mara's Race (level 23)
19 Happy Flower
Fabric Happy Flower.jpg
Flowers of joy and happiness are in full bloom on this one! Beadrix’s Run (level 1)
20 Pink Waves
Fabric Pink Waves.jpg
Hot waves sweep across this fabric. Definitely a very bold choice. Carrie’s Transport (level 12)
21 Ancient Ruins
Fabric Ancient Ruins.jpg
This fabric gives you a sense of a faraway time and an ancient place. Mara's Race (level 9)
22 Cookie Cookie
Fabric Cookie Cookie.jpg
This is one of my most delicious fabrics... Please don't eat it. Mara's Race (level 12)
23 Knit
Fabric Knit.jpg
This is a great fabric that will keep you warm on a cold day. Mara's Race (level 19)
24 Pumpkin Party
Fabric Pumpkin Party.jpg
Pumpkins are surprisingly nutritious if you can get past the spooky vibe. Mara's Race (level 29)
25 Spooky Woods
Fabric Spooky Woods.jpg
I always get chills when I look at this one... Is it just me? Beadrix’s Run (level 10)
26 Hot Dog
Fabric Hot Dog.jpg
Don't ever put ketchup or mustard on your fabric. That's my only rule. Beadrix’s Run (level 14)
27 Chain Link
Fabric Chain Link.jpg
This one says "Stay out!" I wish I could wrap this around my shop at night. Beadrix’s Run (level 15)
28 Burning Flame
Fabric Burning Flame.jpg
Does your passion burn for patterns like mine? This might be the one for you. Mara's Race (level 7)
29 Preppy
Fabric Preppy.jpg
This comes and goes in terms of popularity. I'm not sure how the kids feel about it today... Mara's Race (level 5)
30 Denim
Fabric Denim.jpg
Reupholster all of your Fabric in this! You'll outcasual everyone! Mara's Race (level 21)