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Patch Plaza

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Patch Plaza

KEY Complete Patch Plaza.png

KEEY Patch Plaza screenshot.png

Screenshots of Patch Plaza in both versions of Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Theme Music

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You can come here to read up on various characters in the game as well as see which medals you've earned on each stage, review in-game movies, listen to music you've found, and more!
— Kirby's Epic Yarn Instruction Manual, page 17

Patch Plaza is a location in Quilty Square from Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. In the Patch Plaza, Kirby can look at his progress so far through the game as judged on meters which represent different things. This area can be accessed any time after completing the tutorial level Patch Castle.


The meters judge Kirby's progress through the game based on how many enemies he's seen, how many items of furniture he has, how far through the game he is, and other things. All of the meters have miniature bells on top of them at the start of the game that cannot be interacted with — in the Wii version, there are also two bells on either side which don't have corresponding meters. Once the meter has been fully filled up (all goals have been reached), the bell at the top grows and can now be rang with Kirby's Yarn Whip.

There are six meters in the Wii version, as follows:

  • Cast - how many characters / enemies Kirby has met.
  • Stuff - the items of furniture that Kirby collects throughout the game.
  • Fabric - different fabrics that Kirby gets.
  • Medals - the ranking that Kirby has on all levels (based on how many beads he collected).
  • Tunes - the soundtracks for all the stages of the game.
  • Flicks - all storyline clips from throughout the game.

In Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, two more categories were added, which are placed under the previously unoccupied bell slots:


  • If all meters are filled fully, the eight bells form a C Major scale.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コレクションひろば
Korekushon hiroba
Collection plaza
French Place feutrée Felt place
German Lager Storeroom
Italian Piazza Toppa Patch Plaza
Korean 패치 광장
paechi gwangjang
Patch square
Latin American Spanish Plaza Parches Patch Plaza
European Spanish Terraza Parche Patch Terrace