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Screenshot of Kirby battling Capamari's first form.
Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Last Game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Weakness(es) Red button
Relative(s) Octopea (children)
Similar to The Claykken
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Capamari is the boss of Water Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.

Boss Battle

Capamari is a large octopus who seems to be rather vain, as his Cast Description implies. Kirby and Prince Fluff (in co-op play) battle Capamari entirely underwater, and thus in Submarine forms; although the Top form can be seen while unraveling Capamari's knit cap. The cave in which the battle takes place can only be accessed after receiving the Octopus nook patch from Deep-Dive Deep. The patch will create a nook for the red octopus blocking the cave entrance. Afterward, it will swim to the new nook thereby leaving the entrance unblocked.

In the Devilish Mode, the Ye-Devil appears in this boss battle. Capamari also later appears in the Yin-Yarn battle.

Phase 1

Capamari initially appears as a white squid with buttons for eyes, an oversized monobrow made of purple yarn, very long blue tentacles with white tips separated by yellow buttons, and a knit cap resembling the head of a squid. Capamari will remain in this form until the entire knit cap is removed. A loose thread with a button on the end can be caught with the Yarn Whip. Each color layer to the cap will form a similarly colored ball of yarn which can be thrown at Capamari for beads. His tentacles while in this form will swarm the area attempting to grab Kirby and toss him away. The tentacles can be temporarily eliminated by either catching them with the Yarn Whip or striking them with a rolled up ball of yarn. Beneath the cap, a red button can be seen which is his weak point.

Phase 2

Once the cap is unraveled, the battle goes on to the next stage and Capamari takes a new form. Capamari will then become a plump red squid with shorter tentacles. The arena changes to include four interconnected pipes or cannons. Capamari blackens the waters by spitting a large blot of ink. His eye buttons can be seen near the pipe openings, but three of his tentacles will encircle Kirby and suddenly stop spinning to close in while performing a corkscrew or drill-like attack. Any one of them can be caught with the Yarn Whip and rolled up to be used as a projectile attack against the others or Capamari's childen, Octopeas. After the ink clears, octopeas appear in pairs and move erratically around the area before becoming mini drill attackers. Unlike Capamari's tentacles, the Octopeas spin through specific paths instead of closing in. Any of them can be caught to attack Capamari, during this phase of the battle, all four pipes have a red orb protruding outward. Only one is Capamari, and the others become a multi-pronged spike. When the correct one is hit, the yarn consisting of his head will wrinkle and waver through the rest of the battle.

Finally, Capamari can turn into a drill himself, and shoot from one pipe to another. The first time this happens, beads will float out of whichever pipe Capamari came out of. His red button can be caught anytime after stunning him with a thrown object. After latching onto it, Kirby tosses Capamari across the arena. Capimari will then use his pipe cannons to charge around the arena.

The battle rotates back through Capamari spitting ink, attacking with his tentacles, and octopea attacks until his defeat.

Medal Bead Scores

  • Bronze - 600 points
  • Silver - 1200 points
  • Gold - 1600 points
  • Patch - 2150 points

A perfect score in this stage is 3100 points.


After Capamari is defeated, Kirby and Prince Fluff get the fifth piece of Magic Yarn, which opens the pathway to Snow Land by stitching the pieces of Patch Land back together. If enough beads are gathered, the Treasure patch will also be unlocked, opening the Boom Boatyard level. This also indirectly opens the Fossil Reef level.


  • Before being re-styled as the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse page, the 'KirbyKirbyKirby' website incorrectly referred to Capamari as Stylocto.
  • Capamari is the only boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn fought entirely underwater, and he and Yin-Yarn are the only bosses to have more than one form.
  • His English name, "Capamari", is a wordplay mixing the words "cap" and "calamari".
  • Capamari's cap is meant to disguise the boss as a squid when it is in fact, an octopus.

Video Walkthrough

Flawless fight with Capamari.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イカスタコス
Derived from:
  • イカ ("squid")
  • タコ ("octopus")
French Octotuk
Spanish Calamidante