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Snow Land

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Snow Land
KEY Snow Land Preview screenshot.png
Preview image for Snow Land.
Stages -Snowy Fields
-Cozy Cabin
-Mt. Slide
-Frosty Wheel
-King Dedede (boss)
-Frigid Fjords (EX)
-Evergreen Lift (EX)
Boss King Dedede
Theme Music

Land order
Water Land Space Land
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Snow Land is the sixth level of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It can be accessed once Capamari is defeated in Water Land, yielding the Magic Yarn that threads the two lands together. As its name implies, this level has a snowy, wintry theme, with festive elements. The boss of this level is King Dedede. Defeating him yields access to Space Land.


Name Image How to unlock
Snowy Fields KEY Snowy Fields Preview screenshot.png Defeating Capamari
Cozy Cabin KEY Cozy Cabin Preview screenshot.png Using the Mitten Patch
Mt. Slide KEY Mt Slide Preview screenshot.png Using the Spool Patch
Frosty Wheel KEY Frosty Wheel Preview screenshot.png Using the Snowflake Patch
King Dedede (Boss) KEY King Dedede Preview.png Using the Diamond Dust Patch
Frigid Fjords KEY Frigid Fjords Preview screenshot.jpg Using the Penguin Patch
Evergreen Lift KEY Evergreen Lift Preview screenshot.jpg Using the Holiday Gift Patch


Name Image Found in Unlocks Unlock Requirements Animation
Mitten Patch KEY Mitten Patch.jpg Snowy Fields Cozy Cabin Complete Snowy Fields. Upon throwing the patch, a mitten appears which starts grabbing yarn from the hat of the snowman in the middle of the map, and using that yarn to knit a larger mitten house over the door. Once that mitten is complete, the window on the mitten house lights up, and the door opens.
Spool Patch KEY Spool Patch.jpg Cozy Cabin Mt. Slide Complete Cozy Cabin. Upon throwing the patch, a spool appears which takes yarn from the snowman's head causing its face to fall to the next segment of the body. That yarn is then spun into a large hat which holds the door in place. The door then opens after the hat is completed.
Snowflake Patch KEY Snowflake Patch.jpg Mt. Slide Frosty Wheel Complete Mt. Slide. Upon throwing the patch, a large snowflake appears which starts taking yarn from the mid-section of the snowman in the middle, growing bigger in the process and causing the snowman's face to fall to its base. Once finished, the snowflake transforms into an icy Ferris wheel and the door opens.
Diamond Dust Patch KEY Diamond Dust Patch.jpg Frosty Wheel King Dedede Complete Frosty Wheel. Upon throwing the patch, a sparkle appears in the air which takes the remaining yarn from the snowman's base and uses it to stitch together an aurora. The remainder of the yarn forms a smaller snowman in a coat, above which the door to King Dedede opens.
Penguin Patch KEY Penguin Patch.jpg King Dedede Frigid Fjords Defeat King Dedede with enough beads to obtain the patch. Upon throwing the patch, several penguins appear which knock out some icy pillar sections to the right while sliding away. Once that is completed, the door opens.
Holiday Gift Patch KEY Holiday Gift Patch.jpg Frigid Fjords Evergreen Lift Complete Frigid Fjords. Upon throwing the patch, a gift box appears, then pops open to decorate the trees around the snowman. Once this is done, the door opens.
A wide view of the completed Snow Land area

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スノーランド
Sunō Rando
Snow Land
Canadian French Coin neige Snow spot
European French Contrée blanche White land
German Frostfadenheim Home of Frosty Threads
Italian Toppa Glaciale Icy Patch
Korean 스노 랜드
seuno laendeu
Snow Land
Latin American Spanish Frigolandia Frigid Land
European Spanish Nevadia Snow Land
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