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Slash & Bead - Stage 3

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Slash & Bead - Stage 3 is the third stage of the Slash & Bead Sub-Game in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. This stage is set in an environment similar to Tube Town from the main game, featuring plenty of electric wires and Snip-Snaps. Stage 3 is available after the player defeats Capamari in Water Land. The main theme of Slash & Bead plays throughout the stage.


Meta Knight riding an electric wire

This stage begins as a vertical scroller, and from its onset Meta Knight is introduced to the electric wire gimmick as he flies across semisolid platforms and collects appearing Fuse Bead formations. As the screen briefly scrolls to the left, he will contend with a Dandan and encounter an electric stair platform which is activated by a nearby Snip-Snap. Above this platform, the first enemy ambush will begin. This ambush involves Meta Knight slashing through pairs of Orbitflies, a few Chain Flamers, and several Snip-Snaps that continuously spawn from a tunnel.

The next section of this stage requires Meta Knight to fly up and to the right, where he will be met with Waddle Doos, Dandans, and electric circuits that are less easily avoided. By proceeding rightward, Meta Knight will find himself in the second ambush section. In this ambush, large spiky Cutfishes will repeatedly spawn in the middle of the screen that, unlike in the main game, split into smaller copies of themselves when hit. Along with the multiplying Cutfishes, Meta Knight will also have to deal with more Orbitfly pairs as well as a largely unthreatening electrical circuit.

Victorious from the second enemy ambush, Meta Knight will traverse the first vertical electric stair obstacle in the stage as the screen scrolls downward. In the process, the masked swordsman will collect Luminas and bead formations while also slashing through some more Waddles Doos and Dandans. Below the vertical stairs, there is a socket-dwelling Snip-Snap that Meta Knight can defeat to break the electrical current. The screen will then scroll to the right, with little standing in Meta Knight's path save for a single Orbitfly and a Waddle Doo. After defeating these foes, Meta Knight will encounter another Snip-Snap which he can easily destroy to break a second current. Finally, the screen will scroll upward for a short period before the final enemy ambush, requiring Meta Knight to traverse a second set of vertical electric stairs.

The final ambush section of Stage 3 takes place over a horizontal electric stair platform, once again activated by a Snip-Snap. Meta Knight will do battle with more Cutfishes and several more pairs of Orbitflies, though this time they fly around the swordsman rather than towards him. As he moves around the screen, he must also be wary of an electrical circuit in the top left corner with a dangerous electrical current. After getting through the final ambush, Meta Knight will have completed the stage.


Listed below are the blocks, enemies and other obstacles that appear in Stage 3 of Slash & Bead. Obstacles are listed in the order that they appear.


  • Denim Block: A solid block that cannot be broken with any of Meta Knight's attacks.


  • Waddle Doo: A small foe that fires a beam when Meta Knight gets close. Waddle Doos are easily defeated with a slash of the sword.
  • Dandan: A creature that spits energy balls at Meta Knight and can be slashed through.
  • Snip-Snap: A snake-like enemy that inhabits a tunnel. Snip-Snaps can plug into electrical sockets to activate any nearby electric stair obstacles.
  • Orbitfly: A small flying enemy. Orbitflies appear during ambush sections, where they can spawn in various locations around the edge of the screen.
  • Chain Flamer: As the name implies, a chain of Flamer-like enemies. Chain Flamers contain multiple green Flamers along with one pink Flamer in the middle. Defeating the pink Flamer will instantly destroy the chain.
  • Cutfish: A large spiky oval-shaped fish that splits into smaller versions of itself when slashed. A single Cutfish can be divided twice before it is defeated, meaning that it can be split into four smaller Cutfishes.

Other obstacles[edit]

  • Electric wire (circuit): Electric wires that Meta Knight can walk on the surface of. Electrical circuits comprise a singular wire that runs in a loop as well as a harmful moving electrical current that must be avoided.
  • Electric wire (stairs): Electric wires that run in a straight line until activated. These electric wires are activated when a Snip-Snap plugs itself into a nearby electrical socket, at which point the wire will create a stair pattern. Electric stairs can be either horizontal or vertical, and they can generate in various patterns.

Rank thresholds[edit]

Listed below are the minimum number of points required to achieve each rank threshold in Stage 3 of Slash & Bead.

  • C Rank: 0 points
  • B Rank: 1000 points
  • A Rank: 2000 points
  • S Rank: 2500 points

Lumina locations[edit]

The table below describes the locations of all 8 Luminas in Stage 3 of Slash & Bead. Luminas resemble regular Fuse Beads, but they are larger and rainbow-colored. Collecting a Lumina nets 50 points to the player.

Lumina locations in Slash & Bead - Stage 3  
Lumina Location How to obtain
1 At the end of a bead formation following the first ambush section. To make the bead formation appear, perform a Piercing Slash on a Waddle Dee standing on a Denim Block.
2 Contained within a balloon in the first section of the level that scrolls to the right. Break the balloon, but be careful to avoid the electrical current.
3 Underneath a small electrical circuit, located on the screen in which the second enemy ambush takes place. Quickly run underneath the electrical circuit when it is above Meta Knight.
4 At the end of a bead formation following the second ambush section. As the screen begins to scroll downward, collect a set of four yellow beads to create the formation.
5 Contained within a balloon which is stuck between vertical electric stairs. Be ready to maneuver between the stairs before they drag the balloon off-screen.
6 In a small alcove on the left of the screen, obtainable just as the stage stops scrolling downward. Carefully wait for an opening in the vertical stairs that block this alcove, then perform a Piercing Slash to quickly enter before the screen scrolls too far away. If the Lumina is slightly off-screen, it also be obtained by using Meta Knight's Special.
7 Contained within a balloon. It is found by an electrical socket, just before the screen begins to move upward toward the final enemy ambush section. Slash through the balloon to obtain this Lumina.
8 In an alcove to the left of a vertical electric wire. As the screen scrolls upward for the first time after the second enemy ambush, fly to the left side of the vertical electric wire that runs through the middle of the path, then dip into the alcove when it appears on-screen.