Challenge 46

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Challenge 46
KatRC Challenge Room 46-1.png
The first room in Challenge 46.
Challenge Nr. 46
Type One-Minute Challenge
Unlock req. Defeat The Claykken in Red Volcano without taking damage
Level Progression
Challenge 45 Challenge 47
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Challenge 46 is the forty-sixth stage of Challenge Mode in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.


Challenge 46 is a One-Minute Challenge, divided into four rooms with 15 seconds per room. The last room features the Kirby Rocket. The rooms are as follows:

Room Description Notes
KatRC Challenge Room 46-1.png
Room 1
This room features a series of decks which turns the path into a snaking affair from the upper-left to the lower-right. Kirby will have to contend with some fire spewers along with a spring bed to reach the chest.
KatRC Challenge Room 46-2.png
Room 2
This room features ten light panels situated over a lava pool, with three of the panels already being lit. All the panels need to be lit to make the chest appear over to the right.
KatRC Challenge Room 46-3.png
Room 3
This room contains four Hot Heads standing on clay blocks. These need to be defeated to make the chest appear in the middle of the room.
KatRC Challenge Room 46-4.png
Room 4
In this room a diamond formation of medium Point Stars can be seen inside a Gray Zone in the middle of the room. To get the chest, Kirby needs to be steered in such a way to collect enough of these stars to activate a Star Dash and bust through the metal block wall on the right.