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All of the Figurines from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
Use Collectable
Obtained From Treasure Chests in main game, and completing challenge stages.
Game(s) Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Comparable to Keychain, sticker, Picture Piece
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A Figurine is a collectible object in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. They are found in Treasure Chests hidden throughout the Story Mode. Some of them, however, can only be unlocked by completing the challenge mode. There are 76 figurines in total.


Each figurine is a clay sculpture of a character or object. They each come with a description as well, some of which share interesting trivia. Collecting every figurine is necessary for 100% Completion of the game.

Each figurine is a fully 3D clay sculpture, and can be viewed from any given angle.


The following is a list of every figurine that can be collected.

Figurine Name Image Description Notes
Kirby Kirby Figurine.jpg Our heroic hero is on a roll! He's on a mission to restore the color that's been stolen from dear old Dream Land. His preferred method of travel is rainbow rope, and he can transform into three amazing Kirbys!
Elline Elline Figurine.jpg Elline and Claycia used to rule this world, but then Claycia went a little cuckoo. Now Elline has teamed up with Kirby to solve the mystery of Claycia's utter madness. Elline can draw magic rainbow ropes in the air and transform Kirby too! Elline is made of many separate floating parts, that could not keep their position if sculpted in the real world.
Red Waddle Dee Red Waddle Dee Figurine.jpg This is Kirby's faithful companion during this adventure. He likes to poke enemies with his trusty spear, and he can even pick up and throw Kirby! To be honest, he's just happy getting his fair share of the spotlight...
Green Waddle Dee Green Waddle Dee Figurine.jpg When one's not enough, we've got a second Waddle Dee right here! This fellow and his other Waddle Dee buddies like to throw Kirby around. He's scared of heights, so if he climbs up high, he refuses to look down.
Yellow Waddle Dee Yellow Waddle Dee Figurine.jpg This little guy is the third Waddle Dee. He's made the bold decision to pick up his spear in defense of Dream Land. His biggest thrill is running along the rainbow rope just as it begins to fade, but he'd rather keep that a secret.
Kirby Tank Kirby Tank Figurine.jpg Elline uses her power to transform Kirby into a powerful tank, which helps him advance over rough terrain. He can shoot at enemies using his mouth cannon too! Just be sure to support him using a rainbow rope.
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Figurine.jpg It's not easy keeping your hands up over your head like this, but Waddle Dee never makes a fuss about it. It's one of those things that everyone knows, so he doesn't feel the need to point it out over and over.
Underwater Kirby Underwater Kirby Figurine.jpg You know Kirby's ready for an underwater adventure once he puts on those snazzy blue goggles! Swimming can't be easy for the little pink puffball, but floating sure is fun.
Kirby Submarine Kirby Submarine Figurine.jpg Kirby can turn into a cute little submersible when he has to work underwater. You can guide his missiles with a rainbow rope to hit hard-to-reach targets. But that periscope is just for show--Kirby doesn't even know how to use it.
Kirby Rocket Kirby Rocket Figurine.jpg Kirby takes this form when he takes to the skies. He can only fly in a straight line, so you need to guide his course with a rainbow rope. He can even zap enemies with the shock wave radiating from his head!
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Submarine Figurine.jpg Waddle Dee has a water transformation that's a lot like Kirby's. His bandanna turns into a propeller, which is great. But afterward he has a wet bandanna, which isn't much fun to wear.
Kirby and Kirby Kirby and Kirby Figurine.jpg A magical device split Kirby in two, but they're both the real deal! Two bodies, one mind, if you know what I mean. They have to work together to accomplish anything, but who wouldn't want to give himself a helping hand?
Cotta Cotta Figurine.jpg The Cotta were the first creatures Claycia and Elline made for their new world. Claycia sculpted them out of clay, and Elline painted each one. These little critters aren't very good for fighting, but don't tell them that!
Cannon Cotta Cannon Cotta Figurine.jpg This is what happens when you're a Cotta and you mouth off to Claycia. She turns you into a cannon! Some folks think that's pretty mean of her. But that certainly is a fine-looking cannon, don't you think?
Cotta Knight Cotta Knight Figurine.jpg This Cotta got its grubby little hands on a special helmet and turned into a knight of some esteem. But it immediately forgot what a knight is supposed to do, so now it just wanders around and shows off its helmet.
Bouncy Bouncy Figurine.jpg Everyone knows the only reason Bouncys like to bounce so high is 'cause they like the view from up in the air. Things just seem more...peaceful up there. Every day is a good day to Bouncys. No one's gonna keep 'em down!
Gordo Gordo Figurine.jpg If you touch a Gordo, he'll definitely do damage. But I don't think he means to hurt anyone. I asked him once, and he just stared at me with those big eyes of his. Maybe he doesn't even know the answer...
Carpa Carpa Figurine.jpg This scrappy little fish has just one goal in life: to swim straight up a waterfall. He's had that dream for a while, though. Maybe he's worried about what comes after he's reached the top of that metaphorical waterfall.
Drill Cotta Drill Cotta Figurine.jpg This Cotta comes with a drill, which he uses to, you know, drill. He tried to drill for treasure once, but that clay was just too hard and broke his drill. Unfortunately, it did even more than that--it broke his heart.
Bombzway Bombzway Figurine.jpg Bombzways would rather carry stars than bombs, since stars are far less heavy than bombs. But orders are orders, and more often than not, Claycia's orders are "Go drop some bombs!" What's a Bombzway to do?
Blado Blado Figurine.jpg Blado certainly looks like he's doing his job, but it's becoming more and more obvious his heart is no longer in it. Part of him wants a co-worker to say something about it; the other part of him dreads that conversation.
Grinkey Grinkey Figurine.jpg Some enemies do it for the respect, but Grinkey is in it for the thrill of the chase. He spends so much time running away from people who want to unlock doors that he never remembers to lock his own door.
Dethskullk Dethskullk Figurine.jpg Dethskullks suck the life force out of anyone they touch, so proceed with caution when you see one. This bizarre crew travels by pirate ship, where they try very, very hard not to bump into each other.
Crabbo Crabbo Figurine.jpg This crabby character shoots foam-covered bombs out of his head. He'd love to use these bombs to unearth a hot spring on the ocean floor, but he's still not sure how to throw them down instead of up.
Mini Deepsee Mini Deepsee Figurine.jpg This creature loves to fire torpedoes at poor little Kirby for not good reason at all. And he's not getting paid to do this--he just does it for fun. It's almost like it's just some sort of game to him.
Soarar Soarar Figurine.jpg You'd think Soarar is in another stratosphere, but he's actually a rather approachable sort. If he starts attacking, however, best to just get out of his way. I mean it. Run!
Trakker Trakker Figurine.jpg This gun-for-hire will work for the highest bidder, so Claycia pays him a fair wage. But this is pretty dangerous work. Who knows how long he can last under these crazy conditions!
Bronto Knight Bronto Knight Figurine.jpg Bronto Knight has to wear heavy armor and fly at the same time--it's a wonder he's not constantly collapsing on the ground. But that sort of behavior would not become a knight!
Spear Cotta Spear Cotta Figurine.jpg The only reason this guy took up spear throwing was to practice snagging delicious apples from Whispy Woods. No one wants to tell him that the Whispy Woods on this world doesn't grow apples.
Spear Cotta Knight Spear Cotta Knight Figurine.jpg As soon as this round fellow got his hands on that fancy helmet, he stopped focusing on the important part of being a Spear Cotta Knight--the spear throwing. His aim is really bad now.
Shotzo Shotzo Figurine.jpg Shotzo can fire a ton of bullets, true. But other than that, it's not really all that scary. It's strong physically, but it doesn't have the same strength of character as Kirby.
Sportletini Sportletini Figurine.jpg If you defeat a Sportle, it'll turn into a bunch of these little creatures. No one knows how to put them back together, but they don't seem to mind. We could learn a lot from them about not living in the past.
Explortle Explortle Figurine.jpg This little creature is more delicate than it looks--it'll explode the second you touch it. It's not an easy life, but that's what it was born to do.
Gondola Bzztbulb Gondola Bzztbulb Figurine.jpg This Bzztbulb hopped into a gondola to take it for a joyride, but he never figured out how to exit the vehicle. Now he spends his days swinging around and has no major issues to report, thank you very much.
Hot Head Hot Head Figurine.jpg This critter's body is literally made of flames, and he can spit fire to boot. There's little doubt that he must have a warm heart and a fiery personality, but no one is willing to get close enough to find out.
Bzztbulb Bzztbulb Figurine.jpg This little bulb glows with the love of a pure heart, but no one wants to get anywhere near him. It's tough to make friends when you electrocute anyone who touches you. Still, he keeps on glowing, 'cause that's what you do.
Kirby Kirby Figurine 2.jpg Our pink adventurer blew into Dream Land one day on a spring breeze. Since then, he's spent countless hours saving the day with his amazing abilities. He can swallow anything and spit it out. He can also use his copy ability. The phrase 'blew into Dream Land one day on a spring breeze' is a reference to the Spring Breeze game in Kirby Super Star, which was based on the story of the original Kirby's Dream Land.
Cappy Cappy Figurine.jpg When that strange light came to steal his colors, Cappy found himself utterly frozen with fear. It was a new kind of fear too--the fear that he wouldn't have a very important role in this new story. He was right.
Waddle Doo Waddle Doo Figurine.jpg Waddle Doo was shocked when he saw that bright light shining down from the sky, but he was too scared to run. He'll be OK as long as that giant eye of his doesn't dry out. Ugh. Can you just imagine what that would feel like?
Broom Hatter Broom Hatter Figurine.jpg Broom Hatter didn't see the strange light in the sky because of that big hat--and didn't even notice going from unfrozen to frozen and back again to unfrozen. Maybe it's better that way.
Mega Kirby Tank Mega Kirby Tank Figurine.jpg This is Kirby Tank's most powerful form. He can unleash a brutal attack, but he needs a bit of time to recover afterward. That's why he can't take on a more powerful form when he's Kirby Rocket or Kirby Submarine.
Bronto Burt Bronto Burt Figurine.jpg Red Bronto Burts are perfectly happy just flapping in place, but the blue ones will almost always swarm Kirby if they get a chance. Don't give them that chance!
Grindarr Grindarr Figurine.jpg These giant blocks drop down on you from above, so they're pretty nasty. However, their eyes and mouths open really wide right before they take that plunge, so maybe they're as surprised as you when they fall down!
Bouncy Sis Bouncy Sis Figurine.jpg Bouncy Sis desperately wishes she could jump as high as Bouncy, but she's a bit too big to get much air between her spring and the ground. This, of course, bothers her to no end, but you'll never get her to admit it.
Mecha Cotta Mecha Cotta Figurine.jpg This Cotta was designed with a can-do attitude. But it takes 30 Bzztbulbs to keep each one running, so it's not really all that cost effective. Plus, when it comes to fighting, its heart really isn't in it.
Blipper Blipper Figurine.jpg Are you wondering why sea creatures like Blippers have to wear goggles underwater? The truth is, they've had them on for so long, they're scared to take them off. Or maybe they just forgot they ever had them on in the first place...
Dethskullk King Dethskullk King Figurine.jpg This guy is kind of a big deal. He's the solid-gold leader of the Dethskullk gang. Next time you get trapped in a pirate ship, you're probably gonna need to get a key from this guy. Good luck with that.
Sawgill Sawgill Figurine.jpg Sawgill is the rowdiest, most rambunctious fish in the sea, and he knows it. He takes great pride in that magnificent saw of his, but no one will come anywhere near him. Can you blame them?
Sportle Sportle Figurine.jpg Sportles are all about meeting new people and seeing new places, so it should come as no surprise that they simply must follow Kirby the second they spot him. Pink Sportles are the rarest of the species.
Grab Hand Grab Hand Figurine.jpg This hand's got sticky fingers, and he's been trying to nab Elline since she escaped. Kirby can't seem to defeat him, but at least Waddle Dee can knock him back a bit with a well-thrown spear!
Dangle Sloth Dangle Sloth Figurine.jpg These droopy creatures used to hang peacefully from vines and throw bombs to catch fish. But then someone was like, "Hey! That's dangerous!" So now they just throw bombs at Kirby.
Cotta General Cotta General Figurine.jpg This fellow is the leader of the Cotta Knights. But he's in no big rush to assemble his army. He needs to mentally prepare himself for battle before he does anything strenuous!
Shockcreepa Shockcreepa Figurine.jpg These unusual creatures can store energy in the form of electricity, which is a pretty amazing thing. But all they do is creep around aimlessly, and that is a complete waste of time and energy.
Shieldster Shieldster Figurine.jpg Shieldster really doesn't want you to get past him. He's going to block each and every one of your attempts, just to prove he's stronger than you. Try not to look him right in the eye as you go by. He's got a creepy stare.
Kirby in the Cannon Kirby in the Cannon Figurine.jpg Don't worry about Kirby when he's shot out of a cannon. He has to do it in order to break blocks or hit a wall, and he's perfectly fine afterward. But for the rest of you, no crawling in cannons, OK?
Chef Kawasaki Chef Kawasaki Figurine.jpg Chef Kawasaki has a busy schedule, so he's only appearing in this game as a figurine. He rarely uses his frying pan and ladle to do any real cooking. He finds they actually work better as weapons. It would be quite a neat trick to get the egg to stay afloat in a real world version of this sculpture.
Meta Knight Meta Knight Figurine.jpg This mysterious masked swordsman helms the battleship Halberd. He hasn't always been the most trustworthy ally, but you can count on him when you really need him. He appears in this game as a figurine.
King Dedede King Dedede Figurine.jpg The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land loves to swing his giant hammer and breathe in lots of air. He spends countless hours in training in order to learn how to fly just like Kirby. He appears here in figurine form only.
Mega Grindarr Mega Grindarr Figurine.jpg We've all got a job to do, and Mega Grindarr's job is to drop down on you. It weighs 10 times more than a typical Grindarr, so it makes quite an impact. But that's what it signed up for, so it just grins and bears it.
Deepsee Deepsee Figurine.jpg This is what happens to a Mini Deepsee when it grows up. It looks like it lives in symbiosis with some other creature, but I have no idea what. I bet Claycia would know! Someone should totally go ask her.
Thornsby Thornsby Figurine.jpg The young Thornsbys think they're hot stuff, but the middle-aged Thornsbys definitely have more wisdom. And the old Thornsbys don't really care what you think about them.
Warpspace Warpspace Figurine.jpg These baddies use their tongues to scoop up anything in front of them and spit them out in another place. They must think Kirby tastes like cotton candy, because they keep swallowing him over and over!
Kirby's Feast Kirby's Feast Figurine.jpg Kirby is happiest when he's surrounded by food. Delicious, yummy, lovely food like grapes and milk and hot dogs! We can only hope he doesn't eat too much and get a tummyache...
Treasure Found Treasure Found Figurine.jpg As long as Kirby and Elline are being forced on this adventure, they might as well earn some treasure along the way! I hope they don't fight over the contents of the Treasure Chests. That'll ruin their new friendship!
Painting with Elline Painting with Elline Figurine.jpg Kirby wants to learn how to paint, so his new friend Elline is teaching him some basics. He seems pretty proud of that self-portrait. It's quite... interesting. But it looks like he's having fun, and that's all that matters.
Fearful Grab Hand Fearful Grab Hand Figurine.jpg Looks like Grab Hand is trying to get ahold of Kirby! No one wants to see Kirby dragged off to who knows where, so it's up to Waddle Dee to use his spear and save the day. Hurry up and save Kirby, Waddle Dee!
Bastron Bastron Figurine.jpg Originally designed for pleasure cruises, this flying monstrosity is now a giant battleship. There were plans to build a second one, but do you have any idea how much clay costs nowadays? More than you'd think.
Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Figurine.jpg When most people think Whispy Woods, they think apples! But this Whispy Woods can't grow apples, so he simply drops bombs instead. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I don't think the same thing can be said for bombs.
Hooplagoon Hooplagoon Figurine.jpg Claycia turned to some ancient blueprints in order to sculpt this new enemy. She even used ancient clay to give it that old world feel, but don't tell Hooplagoon that. He thinks he's all cool and modern.
The Claykken Claykken Figurine.jpg You don't want to get all up in the Claykken's ink, or he'll come after you--and I'm not squiddin'! He may be a baddie, but he only uses his pipe for the most innocent of purposes: he likes to blow sea-foam bubbles.
Whispy Woods Whispy Woods Figurine 2.jpg Whispy Woods has gone metal, so normal attacks can't touch him. Sure, he may be powered up. But can he grow apples? The answer is still no.
Hooplagoon Hooplagoon Figurine 2.jpg Claycia had to mix new clay with old clay in order to repair Hooplagoon after his last battle, so it's been quite a process. But Hooplagoon was willing to endure just about anything to face Kirby one more time.
The Claykken Claykken Figurine 2.jpg The Claykken lost his underwater battle with Kirby, so he upped his game by becoming lava proof. But then Kirby beat him again, so he's probably thinking maybe he's just not cut out to be a boss.
Claycia Claycia Figurine.jpg Claycia used her powers to create Seventopia, but while she was busy sculpting, something took over her physical form. Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief when she came back to her senses and reunited with Elline! This figurine depicts two different iterations of Claycia, with her possessed Boss form taking up the foreground.
Dark Crafter Dark Crafter Figurine.jpg This mysterious being took control of Claycia's body and then tried to disguise himself with sunglasses. He wanted to steal the vibrant colors from Dream Land and take over the world, but Kirby put a stop to that! This figurine also has a lot of floating pieces, making a faithful real world recreation tricky, to say the least.
Drawcia Drawcia Figurine.jpg This powerful sorceress once turned Kirby into a rolling pink ball and Dream Land into a world made of paint. Her name is awfully similar to that of Claycia's, but no one knows for sure if the two are actually related. This figurine is unlocked once the Challenge Mode is complete.