Peppermint Palace - Room 5

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Kirby takes a sock from Box Boxer in Room 5.

Peppermint Palace - Room 5 is a room in Peppermint Palace, the seventh area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


This room links to Peppermint Palace - Hub 1 to the lower-left, Peppermint Palace - Room 6 to the left, Peppermint Palace - Room 7 above, and Peppermint Palace - Chest to the right.


This room is rather large, consisting of many sloped hallways below, and a number of wider rooms above. Roly-Polys and Sword Knights patrol the lower halls, and a door can be found leading into Room 6. If Kirby enters from the lower Chest room entryway, he can obtain a ham from one of the tunnels.

Up above, there is a ladder leading further up, which will lead to the door to Room 7. On the left and right sides, however, are one-way platforms that lead into rooms containing Mid-Bosses. The left one holds Box Boxer, and the right one contains Bonkers. On Box Boxer's side, a door can be accessed to reach the Chest room.

Coming back from the Chest room, Kirby can access a small chest in a separate hallway containing the Snow Spray Paint.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Copy Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Raw map of the room.
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