Carrie's Transport

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Carrie's Transport
Carrie's Transport.jpg
The menu screen for Carrie's Transport, showing the first round.
Type(s) Transportation
Levels 12
Players 1-2
Appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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Carrie's Transport is a Sub-Game found in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn being the third sub-game to be unlocked. The game is arbitrated by Carrie, and can be played as soon as the eponymous character moves in to Quilty Court's Apartment #202. The objective of the game is to bring Carrie in ball form to a specific point in one of the previously-visited stages in a given time limit. There are 12 total rounds, unlocked as Kirby completes the stages in which the rounds take place, as well as completing previous rounds of the game. Completing each round rewards Kirby with a piece of Fabric.


The following table lists every round of Carrie's Transport, along with other details.

Carrie's Transport rounds  
Round Stage Difficulty Unlock Req. Time Fabric Notes
1 Patch Castle 1 Have Carrie move in. 2:00 Fluff Blue
2 Fountain Gardens 1 Clear the prior round. 1:00 Green Tartan Carrie cannot go through the warp hole.
3 Flower Fields 2 Clear the prior round. 1:00 Berry Soda
4 Lava Landing 3 Clear the prior round. 2:00 Lava
5 Mushroom Run 3 Clear the prior round. 1:30 Mushroom Soil
6 Melody Town 3 Clear Melody Town and the prior round. 1:30 Yellow Dot
7 Splash Beach 3 Clear Splash Beach and the prior round. 2:00 Palm Island
8 Secret Island 3 Clear Secret Island and the prior round. 1:30 Treasure Map
9 Cozy Cabin 4 Clear Cozy Cabin and the prior round. 1:30 Warm Mittens
10 Tube Town 4 Clear Tube Town and the prior round. 1:00 Famicom
11 Big-Bean Vine 4 Clear the prior round. 1:30 Blue Dot
12 Tempest Towers 5 Clear Tempest Towers and the prior round. 2:00 Pink Waves

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Canadian French Transport Coquette Transport Carrie


Kirby transports Carrie up Big-Bean Vine in Round 11.