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Mt. Slide

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Mt. Slide
KEY Mt Slide Preview screenshot.png
The preview image for Mt. Slide.
Treasures -Knit-Cap Sofa
-Mt. Slide Soundtrack
Patch Spool Patch
Metamortex Transformation(s) Spin Boarder
Devil(s) (Devilish Mode) Ye-Devil
Theme music

Stage order
Cozy Cabin Frosty Wheel
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Mt. Slide is the third stage of Snow Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, unlocked by clearing Cozy Cabin and obtaining the Spool Patch. This stage is an extended Spin Boarder course with the objective being getting to the bottom of the mountain. Clearing this stage yields the Snowflake Patch, which is used to unlock Frosty Wheel.

Patch animation[edit]

Upon throwing the patch, a spool appears which takes yarn from the snowman's head causing its face to fall to the next segment of the body. That yarn is then spun into a large hat which holds the door in place. The door then opens after the hat is completed.


The stage begins at the top of a tall mountain. Here, Kirby can grab the Spin Boarder Metamortex and start riding down. Along the way, there are many spear-wielding Waddle Dees that will try to stop him and lines of beads that can be collected. To aid in this, there are a number of powerups scattered on the slope which grant Kirby an extra high mid-air jump when used. The path leads past several platform decks and through two caves before reaching the extra tall Reel Gate at the bottom of the slope. From here, the stage can be completed by ringing the Bonus Bell.

Medal Bead scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 600 points
  • Silver - 1200 points
  • Gold - 1800 points


Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Name Image Description Note
Knit-Cap Sofa
KEY Furniture Knit-Cap Sofa.jpg
This knit-cap sofa will tickle your head with warm fuzzies. Required to invite Mara
KEY Furniture Snowman.jpg
This snowman won’t melt at room temperature. Go ahead, take him. N/A
Mt. Slide Soundtrack
KEY Patch Castle Soundtrack screenshot.png
This new music plays in Mt. Slide. N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スライダーマウンテン
Slider mountain
Canadian French Mont glissade Mount slide
European French Mont Kigliss Sliding mount
Kigliss is an alternate spelling of qui glisse, and is translated as "who slips".
Italian Monte Scivoloso Slippery Mountain

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Mt. Slide.