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Enemy InfoBox
An Ooki from Fountain Gardens.
Debut Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Copy Ability N/A
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Ookis are types of non-damaging enemies that make their only appearance in Kirby's Epic Yarn, being some of the earliest enemies in the game. The first level they appear in is Fountain Gardens. Ookis are brown monkeys that hang from the branches of trees and cannot harm Kirby or Prince Fluff directly. Most Ookis throw beads at Kirby which, if they hit him, are automatically collected; making these Ookis harmless. In Whispy's Forest, more Ookis can be found which throw Apples instead. These can damage Kirby, so he should be careful.

After a while of throwing beads, Ookis will stop; presumably having run out of beads to throw. After that they simply hang on the branch until Kirby defeats them.

An Ooki in the Patch Plaza.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Uki Ooki