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KEY Beads screenshot.jpg
Four small red beads from Patch Castle.
Use Earning points and Medals, buying things in Quilty Square
Obtained Various points in stages, and from enemies and bosses.
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Comparable to Point Star, Score Coin
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As you pick up beads, your Bead Gauge will fill up. As your beads accumulate, you will reach certain medal markers. Here you can see how close you are to earning a medal at the end of a stage. If you continue to pick up beads without taking damage, your Streak will increase and you will recieve bonus beads!
— Kirby's Epic Yarn Instruction Manual, page 15

Beads are items which can be collected in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. They serve a similar function to Point Stars in that they are the main collectable item in any given stage in the game. Beads can be found floating in the air, hidden behind objects, or from certain enemies and bosses when damaged/defeated. Each type of bead is worth a different number of points, which are needed to earn Medals in the game, along with certain extra Area Patches. Each stage has a specific bead score threshold for its medals and/or patches which Kirby needs to meet by collecting enough beads. If Kirby is hit or falls victim to a hazard such as a bottomless pit, he will lose beads, and may or may not be able to collect them up again afterward depending on circumstances.

Typically, to gain beads from common enemies, Kirby will need to toss something into them, as a regular Yarn Whip is typically ineffective (with the exception of Sneak Sacks). Additional beads will drop if more enemies/objects (such as Bow Waddle Dee's bow) are defeated with a single strike. Enemies which continually spawn will not yield beads regardless of how they are defeated, presumably to prevent potentially infinite bead scores. Certain enemies, such as Ooki, will drop beads without having been defeated first. Beads that are dropped from enemies (or Kirby and Prince Fluff) will eventually disappear if not picked up.


A Star Bead.

The following beads are worth the following amount of bead points. Note that the color of the bead is irrelevant to its value; only its size/shape is important:

  • Tiny bead - 1 point
  • Small bead - 5 points
  • Large bead - 10 points
  • Star bead - 100 points

Additionally, Kirby will gain additional bead points every time he collects 50 individual beads equal to the number he has collected since last getting hit (or starting the stage).

At the end of a stage, Kirby can play the Goal Game to potentially earn more beads, equal to the number of stars on the panel highlighted times 100. On the results screen, additional beads are also awarded equal to the bead streak (largest amount of beads collected between getting hit) and 100 beads are awarded for each piece of treasure collected.

In Dedede Gogogo & Slash & Bead[edit]

Special variants of beads exist in the Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn-exclusive Sub-Games Dedede Gogogo and Slash & Bead. Regular beads in these stages are referred to as Fuse Beads and differ from regular beads in that they have holes in the middle. Fuse Beads come in eight different colors, those being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black. These colors are tracked separately, as specific types are needed to fill the Fuse Bead Mats earned from completing the stages. There are also special beads called Luminas which are worth 50 Fuse Beads when collected, and also tracked separately.

As currency[edit]

Once a stage is cleared, the bead score which Kirby earned will be added to his total, which can be seen while traversing the stage select areas and Quilty Square. Kirby can spend points to buy furniture and fabric from the shops once they open up in the previously mentioned region. In order to buy everything, Kirby will need to revisit several stages.

Dom Woole can add floors to Quilty Court if Kirby gives him enough beads. The second floor costs 10,000 beads and the third floor costs 25,000.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーズ
French Perle Bead
German Perle Bead
Italian Perlina Bead
Korean 비즈
Latin American Spanish Gema Gem
European Spanish Cuenta Bead