Slash & Bead

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Slash & Bead
Slash & Bead Title.jpg
The title screen for Slash & Bead.
Type(s) Arcade flyer
Levels 4
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Theme music

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Quote1.png Collect Fuse Beads and defeat as many enemies as you can as you head for the goal.
Slice through enemies left and right with your famous sword!
— In-game description of Slash & Bead.

Slash & Bead (also referred to as Meta Knight's Slash & Bead) is a Sub-Game available exclusively in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn which stars Meta Knight.


Slash & Bead tasks the masked swordsman with flying through courses in an auto-scrolling environment, collecting Fuse Beads and Luminas while defeating as many enemies as possible. Occasionally, an enemy ambush will appear with a set time limit, which Meta Knight can increase by a few seconds at a time if he defeats enough of them, allowing the wave to go on longer to potentially score more points. At the end of a stage, the player is given a score and rank depending on the results. A number of Fuse Bead Mats can also be earned for playing this game mode.


  • Each Fuse Bead collected is worth one point.
  • Luminas are worth 50 points each.
  • Each enemy defeated is worth 5 points, and may also drop additional beads.


The following actions are available to Meta Knight during this game mode:

  • Move - Any direction on + Control Pad or Circle Pad
  • Slash - A (a three-step sword combo when repeatedly pressed)
  • Piercing Slash - B (grants momentary intangibility)
  • Special - R (defeats enemies and draws beads toward Meta Knight when his gauge is full)

Meta Knight is capable of flying freely through the air along with running on the ground. He can also use the Piercing Slash in any direction.


Slash & Bead consists of the following stages, which are unlocked by progressing through the main game of Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn:

Stages of Slash & Bead  
Stage Nr. Image Unlock Req. Rank thresholds Notes
Stage 1 Slash & Bead Stage 1.jpg Available at start. C Rank: ???
B Rank: ???
A Rank: ???
S Rank: 2500
Based on Fountain Gardens.
Stage 2 Slash & Bead Stage 2.jpg Defeat Hot Wings in Hot Land. C Rank: ???
B Rank: ???
A Rank: ???
S Rank: 2500
Based on Temper Temple.
Stage 3 Slash & Bead Stage 3.jpg Defeat Capamari in Water Land. C Rank: ???
B Rank: ???
A Rank: ???
S Rank: 2500
Based on Tube Town.
Stage 4 Slash & Bead Stage 4.jpg Defeat Meta Knight in Space Land. C Rank: ???
B Rank: ???
A Rank: ???
S Rank: 2500
Based on Battleship Halberd, and features the Combo Cannon and Reactor.


  • Despite the description, Meta Knight does not actually appear to be using his famous sword for this game.
  • The Piercing Slash move is similar in look and function to Meta Knight's Drill Rush technique from the Super Smash Bros. games.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メタナイトスラッシュ
Meta Naito Surasshu
Meta Knight Slash
French Meta Knight taillade Meta Knight slash
German Meta-Knights Schlacht Meta Knight's Battle
Italian Meta Knight tritatutto Meta Knight mincer
Spanish Meta Knight desatado Meta Knight unleash