Water Land

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Water Land
Water Land Map.jpg
A wide view of the completed Water Land area.
Stages -Splash Beach
-Blub-Blub Ocean
-Secret Island
-Deep-Dive Deep
-Capamari (boss)
-Boom Boatyard (EX)
-Fossil Reef (EX)
Boss Capamari
Previous Land Treat Land
Next Land Snow Land
Theme Music

Water Land Soundtrack

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Water Land is the fifth level in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn. It can be accessed once Squashini is defeated in Treat Land. It carries a beach and aquatic theme. The boss of this land is Capamari. Defeating him frees the next strand of Magic Yarn and access to Snow Land.



  • Whistle Patch
  • Hoop Patch
  • Heart Patch
  • Octopus Nook Patch
  • Treasure Map Patch
  • Wrench Patch

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォーターランド
Wōtā Rando
Water Land

Regions in Patch Land
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