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Water Land

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Water Land
KEY Water Land Preview screenshot.png
Preview image for Water Land
Stages -Splash Beach
-Blub-Blub Ocean
-Secret Island
-Deep-Dive Deep
-Capamari (boss)
-Boom Boatyard (EX)
-Fossil Reef (EX)
Boss Capamari
Theme Music
Land order
Treat Land Snow Land
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Water Land is the fifth level in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It can be accessed once Squashini is defeated in Treat Land. Appropriately to its name, it carries a beach and aquatic theme. The boss of this land is Capamari. Defeating him frees the next strand of Magic Yarn and access to Snow Land.


Stage Treasures How to unlock
KEY Splash Beach Preview screenshot.png
Splash Beach
Defeating Squashini
Blub-Blub Ocean Preview KEY artwork.png
Blub-Blub Ocean
Using the Whistle Patch
KEY Secret Island Preview screenshot.jpg
Secret Island
Using the Hoop Patch
KEY Deep-Dive Deep Preview screenshot.png
Deep-Dive Deep
Using the Heart Patch
KEY Capamari Preview screenshot.png
Capamari (Boss)
Using the Octopus Nook Patch
KEY Boom Boatyard Preview screenshot.jpg
Boom Boatyard
Using the Treasure Map Patch
KEY Fossil Reef Preview screenshot.jpg
Fossil Reef
Using the Wrench Patch


Patch Found in Unlocks Unlock Requirements Animation
KEY Whistle Patch.jpg
Whistle Patch
Splash Beach Blub-Blub Ocean Complete Splash Beach. Upon throwing the patch, a whistle blows which causes the line of fish that was blocking the way to deeper water to be rolled away. From there, the door opens.
KEY Hoop Patch.jpg
Hoop Patch
Blub-Blub Ocean Secret Island Complete Blub-Blub Ocean. Upon throwing the patch, a hoop appears above the water. In order, a dolphin, an orca, then a whale hop through the hoop, with the whale having some difficulty fitting at first. The whale then swims into position just above the water's surface and starts spouting from its blowhole. The door on the island then opens.
KEY Heart Patch.jpg
Heart Patch
Secret Island Deep-Dive Deep Complete Secret Island. Upon tossing the patch, a small female anglerfish appears and kisses the large one below, causing it to remove the inky barrier above the seafloor and the door to the stage to open.
KEY Octopus Nook Patch.jpg
Octopus Nook Patch
Deep-Dive Deep Capamari Complete Deep-Dive Deep. Upon tossing the patch, a pot-shaped nook appears in the wall to the right. Upon seeing this, the octopus in the way of the door quickly scuttles into the nook, leaving the door to Capamari open.
KEY Treasure Map Patch.jpg
Treasure Map Patch
Capamari Boom Boatyard Defeat Capamari with enough beads to earn the patch. Upon tossing the patch, a grotto full of buried treasure is revealed below the Secret Island door, which prompts a pirate ship to approach the island, bumping into it on the right side. The door over the ship then opens.
KEY Wrench Patch.jpg
Wrench Patch
Boom Boatyard Fossil Reef Complete Boom Boatyard. Upon throwing the patch, a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer appear to fix up a busted yellow submarine. Once fixed, the submarine activates and floats up and over the door briefly, stirring shells in the process. After some coral anemones grow, the submarine moves off screen and the door opens.
Full map of Water Land with completed levels shown

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォーターランド
Wōtā Rando
Water Land
Canadian French Coin de l'eau Water spot
European French Contrée océane Ocean land
German Stoffstrand Fabric Beach
Italian Toppa Acquosa Aquatic Patch
Korean 워터 랜드
woteo laendeu
Water Land
Latin American Spanish Acualandia Water Land
European Spanish Acuaria Water Land

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