Rainbow Route - Central Circle

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The Central Circle, with everything unlocked.

The Central Circle[1] is a room in Rainbow Route, the first area of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Kirby and his chromatic clones begin their adventure in this room, and return to it every time a Goal Game is cleared, a Boss is defeated, or Kirby loses all lives.


This room eventually leads to every other hub in the world, as each hub is reached. It also eventually leads to the final boss encounter, once all the pieces of the Dimension Mirror are recovered.

The only exit out of this room that does not need unlocking is the door directly to the right, which leads to Rainbow Route - Room 1.

Kirby can also, at almost any time, use his Cell Phone to return to this room.


The room consists of a wide open area, situated inside a shiny blue Coliseum-like structure atop a cloud. Several pillars and platforms adorn the area, and in the center, the great Dimension Mirror sits. At first, the mirror is broken, and the only way out of this room is the door directly to the right. However, as Kirby ventures through this world, he will cause more doors to appear in this room, situated on the various platforms, which lead to all of the hubs in the other areas. One door in particular will appear in the upper-left corner on a cloud, once all the Hubs have been linked, which takes Kirby to a separate chamber containing pedestals for nearly all of the Copy Abilities. Once all the pieces of the Great Mirror are found, it will lead to the final Boss confrontations.

After completing the game, the Master ability can be obtained in this room.

There are no enemies to fight in this room, or treasures to collect.


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