Mara's Race

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Mara's Race
Mara's Race.jpg
The menu screen for Mara's Race, showing the first round.
Type(s) Footrace
Levels 30
Players 1-2
Appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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Mara's Race is a Sub-Game found in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn being the last sub-game to be unlocked. The game is arbitrated by Mara, and can be played as soon as the eponymous character moves in to Quilty Court's Apartment #302. The objective of the game is to race Mara and beat her to the finish line. There are 30 total rounds, unlocked as Kirby completes the stages in which the rounds take place, and clearing the prior rounds. Completing each round rewards Kirby with a piece of Fabric.


The following table lists every round of Mara's Race, along with other details.

Mara's Race rounds  
Round Stage Difficulty Unlock Req. Mara's Time Fabric Notes
1 Patch Castle 1 Have Mara move in. 1:12 Twirling Cross
2 Fountain Gardens 1 Clear the prior round. 1:09 Green Star
3 Flower Fields 2 Clear the prior round. 1:07 Honeycomb
4 Rainbow Falls 2 Clear the prior round. 0:50 Green Textile
5 Big-Bean Vine 2 Clear the prior round. 0:25 Preppy
6 Pyramid Sands 3 Clear the prior round. 0:58 Red Textile
7 Lava Landing 3 Clear the prior round. 0:44 Burning Flame
8 Cool Cave 3 Clear the prior round. 0:51 Battins
9 Dino Jungle 3 Clear the prior round. 1:00 Ancient Ruins
10 Toy Tracks 3 Clear the prior round. 0:48 Happy Train The rubber ducky is needed.
11 Mushroom Run 3 Clear the prior round. 0:38 Caramel Star
12 Sweets Park 3 Clear the prior round. 0:57 Cookie Cookie
13 Melody Town 3 Clear the prior round. 1:01 Treat Land
14 Splash Beach 3 Clear the prior round. 0:53 Baby Blue Dot
15 Blub-Blub Ocean 3 Clear the prior round. 1:06 Water Land
16 Secret Island 4 Clear the prior round. 1:05 Jolly Roger
17 Deep-Dive Deep 4 Clear the prior round. 0:37 Blue Textile
18 Snowy Fields 4 Clear the prior round. 0:32 Snow Mountain
19 Cozy Cabin 4 Clear the prior round. 0:44 Knit
20 Frosty Wheel 4 Clear the prior round. 0:34 Snow Land
21 Future City 4 Clear the prior round. 0:36 Denim
22 Tube Town 4 Clear Tube Town and the prior round. 0:28 Space Land
23 Stellar Way 4 Clear Stellar Way and the prior round. 0:56 Galaxy
24 Whispy's Forest 4 Clear Whispy's Forest and the prior round. 0:38 Baby Stars
25 Tempest Towers 5 Clear Tempest Towers and the prior round. 0:35 Spinning Stars
26 Cloud Palace 5 Clear Cloud Palace and the prior round. 1:04 Bubbly Clouds
27 Castle Dedede 5 Clear Castle Dedede and the prior round. 1:40 Castle Dedede
28 Mole Hole 4 Clear Mole Hole and the prior round. 0:48 Candlemander
29 Dark Manor 4 Clear Dark Manor and the prior round. 1:08 Pumpkin Party
30 Fossil Reef 4 Clear Fossil Reef and the prior round. 1:10 Fossil


  • During a race, if Kirby is hit, he will remain unable to move for 3 seconds.
  • Kirby can strike Mara during the race with his Yarn Whip to slow her down a little.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Canadian French Course de Vi Viane Mara's Race