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The Final Battle

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The Final Battle

KatRC The Final Battle select.png

KRC 7-Boss The Final Battle Stage Select JP.jpg

The Final Battle stage selection screen
Host level Purple Fortress
Stage number 4
Treasures Claycia Figurine
Dark Crafter Figurine
Theme music

Clips of both songs that play in The Final Battle.

Level progression
Wonder Space Last stage
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The Final Battle is the fourth stage of the level Purple Fortress in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby has to battle Claycia, and after freeing her from the evil that was controlling her, he transforms into the Kirby Rocket to battle Dark Crafter.

Completing the stage completes Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and unlocks the Claycia and Dark Crafter Figurines. It also unlocks the last page of the Secret Diary if the other pages were collected already.


The stage begins in an eerie colorless palace, where lots of unpainted lifeless enemies can be seen in the background. Kirby makes his way into the building and rides an elevator up to the next floor. From there, he heads down a thin hallway and smacks into a ball-shaped creature. The creature gets knocked away and becomes angered, but shortly calms back down again. Kirby can hit the ball while it is calm to knock it into a statue and progress to the right. He heads down one more hallway and can pick up a Maxim Tomato before going through the door to the boss area.

Claycia battle[edit]

Main article: Claycia

Once inside the boss room, two Grab Hands float down from the ceiling, and then Claycia appears, attached to them by her scarf. Elline tries desperately to reason with Claycia, but her former friend simply slaps her away using the Grab Hands. Seeing this, Kirby grows angry and prepares to fight, and Claycia accepts the challenge.

Claycia has a number of different attack methods which she uses throughout the fight, with many involving her chilling in the background and reading a book while her conjured minions go after Kirby. When Claycia is on the field directly, she keeps a large Gray Zone around her and is also immune to Kirby's regular attacks. To create an opening to attack her, Kirby must parry the Clay Balls that she conjures and throws at him and knock them back into her to stun her. From here, Kirby can get a small amount of damage in with regular Touch Dashes, but to really put the hurt on Claycia, Kirby needs to use a Star Dash.

Dark Crafter battle[edit]

Main article: Dark Crafter

Once Claycia is defeated, she tumults inside a cloud of dark magic, and then is freed from the curse that had overtaken her. Elline is overjoyed to see her friend returned to normal, but celebrations cannot last, as the discarded sunglasses Claycia was wearing transform into the real villain of this story, Dark Crafter. Dark Crafter attempts to flee out into space, but Kirby gives chase after Claycia and Elline transform him into the Kirby Rocket.

The Dark Crafter battle is a simple, yet difficult fight. Dark Crafter's only method of attack is to toss waves of bombs at Kirby, though these waves can differ greatly in their quantity and shape. Point Stars are also thrown out during the fight, which Kirby will need in order to initiate a Star Dash. Using such a dash is the only way to hurt Dark Crafter, who gradually loses color each time he is hit. Once Dark Crafter is hit three times, he is defeated, dispelling into nothingness.

With this done, Kirby returns to Claycia's palace and the thankful sculptor builds him a Warp Star with which to go home. Claycia and Elline follow Kirby to Popstar, and once there, they repaint Kirby's home planet, restoring it to its former glory. Later on, Kirby is personally rewarded with lots and lots of apples from the two, and the game is complete.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Cannon Cotta.png Cannon Cotta
KatRC Clay Ball.png Clay Ball


Pre-fight area[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最後さいごたたか
Saigo no tatakai
Last battle
French La bataille finale The final battle
German Der letzte Kampf The last battle
Latin American Spanish El combate final The final fight