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Slash & Bead - Stage 1

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Slash & Bead - Stage 1 is the first stage of the Slash & Bead Sub-Game in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It takes place in a very similar environment to Fountain Gardens from the main game, though it is set at nighttime. This stage is available upon starting the main game. The main theme of Slash & Bead plays throughout the stage.


Meta Knight preparing to strike a Sulkworm

This stage begins with Meta Knight spawning in front a Waddle Dee which he can slash to collect Fuse Beads. Following this, various bead formations will appear in the sky as the level scrolls to the right. Meta Knight will then contend with a Sulkworm before moving on to the first ambush section of the stage. During the enemy ambush, the masked swordsman must slash through as many Orbitflies as he can before time runs out. Near the end of the ambush, Orbitflies will spawn in groups of three.

The next section of the stage requires Meta Knight to traverse a row of Denim Blocks, under which there are four moving Gordos and a Lumina. After collecting some more beads, Meta Knight will encounter platforms that jut out of the ground and can be levelled with a few slashes of the sword. He will also meet many more harmless Waddle Dees as well as the occasional balloon containing a Lumina.

Shortly thereafter, Meta Knight will proceed into the second ambush section. Here, he will battle even more Orbitflies, this time coupled with Chain Flamers. When time runs out, he will move into a relatively simple part of the stage with Waddle Dees. Some Waddle Dees generate from a spawner while others reside below semisolid platforms and Yarn blocks that contain beads. A second Sulkworm, two Waddle Dees and a Gordo that moves in a circle will be the only enemies standing in Meta Knight's way before the final ambush section.

In the last enemy ambush of Stage 1, Meta Knight will face off with Orbitflies that fly in more sophisticated formations than before. Here, not only are they able to home in on Meta Knight's position, but they can also be found flying in both vertical and horizontal chains of three. Once the clock finally ticks down to zero, Meta Knight will have completed the stage.


Listed below are the blocks, enemies and other obstacles that appear in Stage 1 of Slash & Bead. Obstacles are listed in the order that they appear.


  • Yarn block: A block that is easily slashed through. Yarn blocks can either be large with a bead in the center or small with no bead.


  • Waddle Dee: A harmless enemy that can be slashed to obtain beads.
  • Sulkworm: A large foe that shoots harmful balls of silk at Meta Knight. Sulkworms can take multiple hits before being defeated.
  • Orbitfly: A small flying enemy. Orbitflies appear during ambush sections, where they can spawn in various locations around the edge of the screen.
  • Gordo: A spiky enemy that hurts Meta Knight if touched. Gordos can be found moving up and down or in a circular pattern.
  • Chain Flamer: As the name implies, a chain of Flamer-like enemies. Chain Flamers contain multiple green Flamers along with one pink Flamer in the middle. Defeating the pink Flamer will instantly destroy the chain.

Other obstacles[edit]

  • Raised platform: A solid ground platform that is raised slightly above ground level. Meta Knight can hit these platforms with his sword to level them and obtain the beads that they cover up.

Rank thresholds[edit]

Listed below are the minimum number of points required to achieve each rank threshold in Stage 1 of Slash & Bead.

  • C Rank: 0 points
  • B Rank: 1000 points
  • A Rank: 2000 points
  • S Rank: 2500 points

Lumina locations[edit]

The table below describes the locations of all 9 Luminas in Stage 1 of Slash & Bead. Luminas resemble regular Fuse Beads, but they are larger and rainbow-colored. Collecting a Lumina nets 50 points to the player.

Lumina locations in Slash & Bead - Stage 1  
Lumina Location How to obtain
1 Underneath a series of Denim Blocks guarded by Gordos. Run underneath the Gordos at the right time, as they cannot be defeated.
2 Beneath the first raised platform. Slash the platform a few times to make it fall, exposing the Lumina.
3 In a floating balloon, just after the small bridge marked by two Waddle Dees. Stick to the right side of the screen to slash through the balloon, ensuring that it does not float away.
4 Just after the third Lumina, on a semisolid platform. This Lumina appears after Meta Knight collects a line of beads in the same location. Perform a Piercing Slash through the line of green Fuse Beads, then obtain the Lumina on the above platform.
5 Beneath the second raised platform. Once again, hit the platform a few times to expose the Lumina.
6 In a floating balloon, just after the second raised platform. Traverse the raised platform quickly to reach the right side of the screen.
7 In a floating balloon, shortly after the second ambush section. Make short work of the Waddle Dees that follow the second ambush, as this Lumina flies off-screen quickly.
8 In a floating balloon, just after the second Sulkworm. Slash the balloon before defeating the Sulkworm.
9 On the bridge before the final ambush section, in a circle of beads guarded by a single Gordo. Collect all the beads in the circle to make this Lumina appear, being careful to avoid the Gordo as he does so.