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Challenge 12

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Challenge 12
KatRC Challenge Room 12-1.png
The first room in Challenge 12.
Challenge Nr. 12
Type One-Minute Challenge
Unlock req. Defeat Hooplagoon in Yellow Dunes
Level progression
Challenge 11 Challenge 13
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Challenge 12 is the twelfth stage of Challenge Mode in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It is unlocked by defeating Hooplagoon at the end of Yellow Dunes in the Story Mode.


Challenge 12 is a One-Minute Challenge, divided into four rooms with 15 seconds per room. The rooms are as follows:

Room Description
KatRC Challenge Room 12-1.png
Room 1
This room is almost entirely filled with sand, though three Ink Bottles make themselves known by glowing through it. Kirby starts out in the upper-right, and will need to find first the large Point Star in the upper-left, then use a Star Dash to break through the metal blocks in the lower-right to get the chest there.
KatRC Challenge Room 12-2.png
Room 2
Three lasers separate Kirby from the chest in this room. The rainbow rope can be used to block the lasers, giving Kirby access.
KatRC Challenge Room 12-3.png
Room 3
This room is full of light panels, though one of them is already lit. Lighting all of them will make the treasure chest appear to the right.
KatRC Challenge Room 12-4.png
Room 4
This room is filled with sand, Grindarrs, and a Mega Grindarr. The sand needs to be cleared away to make the Grindarrs fall, while moving Kirby out of harm's way so he can get the chest over to the left.