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Infiltrate the Junk Factory!

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Infiltrate the Junk Factory!

KatRC Infiltrate the Junk Factory select.png

KRC 7-1 Infiltrate the Junk Factory! Stage Select JP.jpg

Infiltrate the Junk Factory! stage selection screen
Host level Purple Fortress
Stage number 1
Treasures Fearful Grab Hand Figurine
Gulpy Ghost Track
Shockcreepa Figurine
Chef Kawasaki Figurine
Studying the Factory Track
Theme music

Clips of both songs that play in Infiltrate the Junk Factory!. The latter plays in the secret room.

Level progression
The Claykken's Sea of Fire Kirby + Kirby
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Infiltrate the Junk Factory! is the first stage of the level Purple Fortress in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby enters a broken-down mechanical zone where he has to use scanner fields to open doors while avoiding Shockcreepas.

Completing the stage unlocks Kirby + Kirby.


The stage begins out in a desolate junkyard, where lots of broken televisions can be seen in the background. Up ahead is a Cannon which can be used to launch into the first set of metallic halls. From here, Kirby learns how scanner gates work, as he needs to activate one in order to move ahead. The following room is a fairly large one, where three keys will need to be collected from the corners using various methods. A treasure chest can also be found here. Once all three keys are obtained, Kirby can move on toward the right to find the door to the next area.

The next area is a somewhat smaller room, where rolling into the scanner field will cause a Shockcreepa to appear and start slithering around the place. The Shockcreepa also activates the scanner field, allowing Kirby to head through the gate and take a pipe upward. The following room has more Shockcreepas slithering around on isolated walls, and another scanner gate to pass through. A challenge room can also be accessed here before moving forward. After passing through another pipe, Kirby ends up in a big hall where scanner fields cause the walls to shift out of the way, but exiting the field causes them to slowly close again. The door forward is located past the second of these crushing hazards.

The following room features lots of Shockcreepas slithering across a confined space. A piece of Invincible Candy can be obtained in a cache here to help Kirby blitz through these guys without issue. Another treasure chest can be collected here as well. Up top, a pipe can be taken leading to the right and into the next area.

The following room is a fairly large and open one with bottomless pits in places. Here, Kirby will need to lower a wall in order to move forward, potentially nabbing another treasure chest in the process. By staying within the gap in the moving wall as it rises back up, Kirby can reach a secret room featuring a music box rendition of the stage's theme. The room contains a box which grants a significant amount of Point Stars. On the other side of the moving wall, past a bell, another scanner gate needs to be opened, which also releases a shower of stars to collect before heading through the door on the other side.

The last area is a big open space with no floor. Kirby will need to ride some ropes across this area, and maybe pick up the last treasure chest here as well. After passing through one more scanner gate, the roulette wheel can be found at the end of the stage.

Treasure guide[edit]

All five treasures in 7-1 Infiltrate the Junk Factory!.
Treasure Chest locations in Infiltrate the Junk Factory!  
Treasure How to reach
KatRC Infiltrate the Junk Factory Treasure 1.png
Treasure 1: Fearful Grab Hand Figurine
In the first area, this chest can be found in a big metal block formation in the middle of the large room. Kirby will need to Star Dash to get it.
KatRC Infiltrate the Junk Factory Treasure 2.png
Treasure 2: Gulpy Ghost Track
A door to a challenge room can be accessed in the second area, with some Shockcreepas opening the gate leading to it. In this room, Kirby needs to activate the shutters using the scanner fields to drop the chest down.
KatRC Infiltrate the Junk Factory Treasure 3.png
Treasure 3: Shockcreepa Figurine
In the room where many Shockcreepas crawl and the Candy can be found, this chest is situated inside one of the interior squares, blocked off by Star Blocks.
KatRC Infiltrate the Junk Factory Treasure 4.png
Treasure 4: Chef Kawasaki Figurine
In the second-to-last area, this chest can be seen guarded by Cotta Knights and a metal block barrier behind a movable wall. Kirby will need to Star Dash at the right moment as the wall comes down to get in.
KatRC Infiltrate the Junk Factory Treasure 5.png
Treasure 5: Studying the Factory Track
In the last open area, Kirby will need to collect several puzzle pieces to obtain this chest.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Bzztbulb.png Bzztbulb
KatRC Cotta General.png Cotta General
KatRC Cotta Knight.png Cotta Knight
KatRC Shockcreepa.png Shockcreepa


  • The section of this stage where Kirby picks up some Invincible Candy and defeats the Shockcreepas is very similar to the Pac-Man arcade game, mainly due to the nature of the Shockcreepas, the layout of the room, and the fact that lines of Point Stars appear in a similar manner to dots on a Pac-Man board.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 潜入せんにゅう!ガラクタ工場こうじょう
Sen'nyū! Garakuta kōjō
Infiltrate! Junk factory
French Assaut de la décharge Assault of the garbage dump
German Dringe in die Schrottfabrik ein! Invade the scrap factory!
Italian Nella fabbrica di rottami In the scrap factory
Spanish La fábrica de chatarra The scrap factory