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Hooplagoon of the Lake

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Hooplagoon of the Lake

KatRC Hooplagoon of the Lake select.png

KRC 5-Boss Hooplagoon of the Lake Stage Select JP.jpg

Stage selection screen.
Host level Orange Woodland
Stage number 4
Boss Hooplagoon
Treasures Hooplagoon Figurine (second)
Theme music
Level progression
Deep-Divin' Kirby Submarine Burning Secrets
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Hooplagoon of the Lake is the last stage of Orange Woodland. This stage pits Kirby against the rebuilt boss Hooplagoon once more, but this time in an underwater environment. Completing this stage awards the second Hooplagoon Figurine and unlocks the next level: Red Volcano.


There are two principal areas in this stage. In the first, Kirby has to dive into an underwater cave, riding water currents while avoiding Gordos along the floors. The door can be found to the lower-right.

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The next room is wide and octagonal in shape. Before long, Hooplagoon emerges from the background - now sporting a new color scheme and a scuba mask - and begins his rematch. Hooplagoon attacks by firing lasers from prongs between his plates while drifting around the room. To defeat him, Kirby must shatter each of his external plates. Each time a plate is broken, Hooplagoon grows in size and moves faster, while dropping Point Stars. Three of the plates can be destroyed using simple Touch Dashes, but the final plate is made of metal, requiring a Star Dash to break. Once Hooplagoon is defeated, Kirby and Elline have a victory dance, then move on to Red Volcano.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Gordo.png Gordo


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずうみにひそむバウンドグーン
Mizūmi ni hisomu Baundogūn
Hooplagoon hidden in the lake
French Voltaac du lac Hooplagoon of the lake
German Roto-Rowdy aus dem See Hooplagoon from the lake
Latin American Spanish El lago de Rebotoide Hooplagoon's lake