Lava Landing

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Kirby whipping at a Bronto Burt before entering the volcano's interior.
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn
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Lava Landing is the second mandatory area of Hot Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. This area is an underground chamber which exits to an active volcano. Initially, the area is outside of the volcano, Kirby (and Prince Fluff in co-op mode) battle Bombers and Bronto Burts carrying missiles to get through.

Kirby Bombs the Cloth Blocks to enter the volcano.
Erupting bags

Just as Kirby enters the volcano, the day sky can no longer be seen as a brown, burnt canvas becomes the background image. Open pits filled with lava are a commonly encountered environmental hazard in this area. Although the characters have no vitality gauge, and can not "die" in Kirby's Epic Yarn; beads will be lost as Angie carries them to safety. Bombers continuously respawn at certain red patches, but the most destructive enemy is the Calderons below. Calderons erupt a pair of fireballs and can be trick to dodge. Luckily, Magmotamus are safe to stomp on, but will sink into the lava. Some large spans of lava require hopping from magmotamus to magmotamus in order to reach the next solid surface. Mini eruptions take place in small volcanoes that appear to be a bag or pouch. The bag can be temporarily tied by yanking the button with the whip and Kirby can safely leap on or over it. These bags also serve as a one-way trap, once tied and passed, it becomes impossible to backtrack.

Stone Lamp and Cartoon Meat are decorative items found in this area. The Snake transformation is also introduced. Tight passageways requiring passage will automatically transform Kirby and Prince Fluff into a single strand of yarn. The strand can twist through the small enclosure and will change back to the characters' regular form when returning to a large space.

Metamortex Stretch

Kirby in Fire Engineform.

The stretch of this fabric land involving a Metamortex transformation introduces the Fire Engine form. Kirby can spray strings of blue yarny water to douse pillars of flame, Embras, and knock beads down from the ceiling.

The ending phase of the area is a vertical climb to leave the volcano. Kirby must hurry as the lava level is rising. Upon successfully exiting the area, the volcano will fully erupt near the Bonus Bell.