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Grab Hand

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Grab Hand
Grab Hand.png
Artwork of Grab Hand from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
First game Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (2015)
Similar entities Skully
Related entities Dark Crafter
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During multiplayer gameplay, Grab Hand will appear and attack Kirby. Kirby can progress as long as Waddle Dees attack and defeat Grab Hand.
— Kirby and the Rainbow Curse electronic manual, page 15

Grab Hand is an enemy from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. He is an incarnation of Dark Crafter, and will try to grab Kirby if there are Waddle Dees helping him. It is up to the Waddle Dees to knock the Grab Hand away, as Kirby cannot deal with the creature by himself. If Kirby is abducted and carried off by a Grab Hand, he will automatically lose a life. Grab Hand can appear in any stage during multiplayer gameplay, and will prevent Kirby from moving forward until he is defeated, rewarding 100 points and 15 Point Stars.

Two Grab Hands can be seen attached to Claycia while she is possessed. They are also seen on Dark Crafter himself once he emerges from Claycia, suggesting that they are his hands. Two Grab Hands are seen in the intro cutscene trying to grab Elline before Kirby and Waddle Dee drive them off.


  • When Grab Hand appears, a piece of music plays which was also used in Kirby Mass Attack as the Skull Gang's theme. This is a reference to how Grab Hand and the Skullys operate in a similar manner.

Flavor text[edit]

  • This hand's got sticky fingers, and he's been trying to nab Elline since she escaped. Kirby can't seem to defeat him, but at least Waddle Dee can knock him back a bit with a well-thrown spear! --Figurine description
  • Looks like Grab Hand is trying to get ahold of Kirby! No one wants to see Kirby dragged off to who knows where, so it's up to Waddle Dee to use his spear and save the day. Hurry up and save Kirby, Waddle Dee! --Fearful Grab Hand Figurine description


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グローバー
German Schnapphand Grab hand
Italian Managguanta Combination of the words "mano" (hand) and "agguanta" (grab)