Rainbow Falls

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Kirby's Epic Yarn Stage InfoBox
Fainbow Falls start screen.
Treasures -Rainbow Arch
-Outdoor Bath
-Rainbow Falls Soundtrack
Patch Alarm Clock Patch
Previous Stage Flower Fields
Next Stage Big-Bean Vine
Theme Music
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Rainbow Falls is one of the eight stages of Grass Land, in Kirby's Epic Yarn. To unlock it, Kirby must get the Alarm Clock Patch from Flower Fields. This level heavily revolves around water and its functions. Near the end, the Metamortex Spin Boarder is used and introduced.

Patch Animation

When Kirby throws the Alarm Clock Patch, it lands in a slot below the ground next to a sleeping bear. An alarm clock appears and wakes up the bear. The bear stretches and raises the earth above it into a small hill with rocks. Then the bear goes back to sleep and the door opens.



The first Treasure is in an area with a thin yarn block under a full yarn block. The thin yarn block has to be pulled to get on top of the full yarn block. Once the full yarn block has slid far enough onto the water, Kirby must jump onto the upper left platform to obtain the Rainbow Arch.

The second Treasure is located in an area right before the Metamortex stretch. Here, there is a platform to the upper left of the Metamortex. When Kirby jumps on it, there are several crocodiles on the platforms ahead. Getting rid of them enables him to obtain