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Rainbow Falls

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Rainbow Falls
KEY Rainbow Falls Preview screenshot.png
Rainbow Falls start screen.
Treasures -Rainbow Arch
-Outdoor Bath
-Rainbow Falls Soundtrack
Patch Alarm Clock Patch
Metamortex Transformation(s) Spin Boarder
Devil(s) (Devilish Mode) Ye-Devil
Theme music
Stage order
Flower Fields Big-Bean Vine
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Rainbow Falls is the third of the seven stages of Grass Land, in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. To unlock it, Kirby must get the Alarm Clock Patch from Flower Fields. This level heavily revolves around water and its functions, taking place in a grassy canyon and series of cave systems. Near the end, the Metamortex Spin Boarder is used and introduced, as Kirby rides downhill past a series of rainbows.

Upon clearing the stage for the first time, the Bean Patch is obtained, allowing access to the next stage, Big-Bean Vine.

Patch animation[edit]

When Kirby throws the Alarm Clock Patch, it lands in a slot below the ground next to a sleeping bear. An alarm clock appears and wakes up the bear. The bear stretches and raises the earth above it into a small hill with rocks. Then the bear goes back to sleep and the door opens.


The stage starts out in a small cave behind a waterfall, before quickly transitioning outside to a grassy canyon. As Kirby progresses forward, he encounters a series of waterfalls, with water flowing down the surface of various platforms. These push Kirby (plus Prince Fluff in the Wii version's co-op mode) and other objects (like Cloth Blocks) in the same direction as the water flow, slowing his movement and threatening to push him into the many bottomless pits scattered around the stage. The major enemies in this first part of the stage are Waddle Dees and Gators.

Later, Kirby encounters a Yin-Yarn patch which spawns a constrant stream of Parasol Waddle Dees. Afterwards, he enters a tunnel, with another Yin-Yarn patch present (this time spawning regular Waddle Dees). Both threaten to push Kirby into nearby pits if he does not maneuver carefully. If Kirby travels upwards, he reaches an alternate path containing Gators and a treasure.

Metamortex stretch[edit]

Soon after, Kirby reaches a Metamortex patch, which introduces the Spin Boarder. Kirby starts out moving slowly, as a series of signs teach him the basics of the Spin Border, before he starts to speed up and move downhill. Along the way, beads are placed to lure Kirby over enemies, like Gators and Buttonflies, or to treasures and Bonus Stars.

Eventually, after a big jump, Kirby passes through the Reel Gate, with the stage ending shortly afterwards.

Medal Bead scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 300 points
  • Silver - 600 points
  • Gold - 900 points


Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Item Description Location Note
KEY Furniture Rainbow Arch.png
Rainbow Arch
With this arch, you can see a rainbow anytime! This treasure can be found perched on a high ledge near the start of this stage. It can be reached by removing a yarn block nearby so the block on top can start sliding into position to give Kirby a way to reach it. Required to invite Beadrix
KEY Furniture Outdoor Bath.png
Outdoor Bath
This bath is nice for bringing the outdoors to the indoors! This treasure is located in a large room above the main path through the tunnel section just before the Metamortex, guarded by three Gators that Kirby can use as platforms to reach. Required to invite Buster
KEY CD Soundtrack Item.png
Rainbow Falls Soundtrack
This new music plays in Rainbow Falls. This treasure is located right before the Reel Gate. Kirby must successfully bounce off three Bronto Burts in a row by using the Spin Boarder's spin move at the right time.

Bonus Star locations[edit]

Type Image Location
2 Stars
KEY Bonus Bell 2 Stars.jpg
Located immediately after the Rainbow Arch, Kirby must dash and use the Car transformation to reach the patch with this Bonus Star.
3 Stars
KEY Bonus Bell 3 Stars.jpg
During the Metamortex stretch, this Bonus Star is guarded by a Gator and two Battonflies. Kirby must jump from the top of the nearby platforms to reach it.
5 Stars
KEY Bonus Bell 5 Stars.jpg
During the Metamortex stretch, as Kirby briefly travels inside a tunnel, he must jump from the top of the fourth platform to reach this Bonus Star.


Rainbow Falls also reappears in three Sub-Games with tenants of Dom Woole's apartments:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にじのたき
Niji no taki
Rainbow falls
French Cascades arc-en-ciel Rainbow waterfalls
German Regenbogenfälle Rainbow falls
Italian Cascate arcobaleno Rainbow Waterfalls
Korean 무지개 폭포
mujigae pogpo
Rainbow waterfall
Latin American Spanish Cascadas Arco Iris Rainbow Falls
European Spanish Cataratas Arcoíris Rainbow Falls

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Rainbow Falls.