Cocoa Station

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Cocoa Station
The intro screen for Cocoa Station.
Treasures -Choco Ottoman
-Chocolate Bar
-Hot Land Soundtrack
Patch Cookie Patch
Metamortex Transformation(s) Train
Previous Stage Squashini
Next Stage Dark Manor
Theme Music
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Cocoa Station is the sixth stage (first extra stage) of Treat Land in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn, unlocked by defeating Squashini with enough beads to obtain the Cookie Patch. This stage is an extended Train Metamortex challenge. Completing this stage yields the Chocolate Patch, which is used to unlock Dark Manor.

Patch Animation

Throwing the patch causes another layer to be added to the 'cake' on top of the piano keyboard, which is made of cookies, ice cream and frosting. From here, the door opens.


The stage begins with Kirby transforming into the Train. The rest of the stage is a series of obstacles which Train Kirby will need to maneuver around by drawing tracks. There are no enemies to contend with, but a number of switches will need to be pressed in order to make beads appear, several of which are in formations which need to be chased down. Four train cars can also be picked up, which can be cashed in for star beads after passing through the Reel Gate with them in tow. From there, the Bonus Bell can be reached at the end of the stage.

Medal Bead Scores

  • Bronze - 450 points
  • Silver - 900 points
  • Gold - 1350 points



Video Walkthrough

100% walkthrough of Cocoa Station.