Glitches in Kirby's Epic Yarn

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These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

Half-Jumping Kirby[edit]

To do this, go to Fountain Gardens, which is the first level of Grass Land. When you see the two Waddle Dees with the beads with the shape of a heart above them, position Kirby on them so that one of his feet are on one of them and his other foot on the other one, then press 2. Kirby will look like he's jumping, but he will still be standing on the Waddle Dees. This also works in Big-Bean Vine, with the Waddle Dee with the bow and arrow and the scared Waddle Dee, which you can see if you start the level and go all the way to the right.