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Glitches in Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

Boom Boatyard softlock[edit]

By defeating the Blast Mariner prior to the screen scrolling all the way to the right, it will not scroll as much as it needs to and Kirby will be stuck in the boss arena. [1]

Broken Anemonee[edit]

In Blub-Blub Ocean, the second stage of Water Land, performing a Yarn Whip on an Anemonee and swimming into its tentacles before it can grab Kirby will negate any damage that the tentacles usually cause.[2]

Cannon clip[edit]

This glitch is possible in Whispy's Forest, the first stage of Dream Land. At a certain point in the stage, there is a directional cannon located in the attack range of a Bow Waddle Dee. Kirby must first be hit by the Bow Waddle Dee's arrow while entering the cannon. Then, Kirby must leave and reenter the cannon, taking a second hit from inside. If performed correctly, Kirby will clip out of the cannon, allowing the player to move a now invisible Kirby throughout the stage.[3] In some cases, Kirby's cannon momentum will be conserved and the player will be able to launch him forward by pressing 2.[4]

Donut clip[edit]

This glitch can be performed in Sweets Park, the third stage of Treat Land, when in 2-player mode. If one player is at the far right of the screen while the other is in the missing section of a spinning donut, the player in the donut will clip through it and become temporarily suspended in midair.[2]

Endless Saucer shock[edit]

This glitch is possible with two players in Weird Woods, the seventh and final stage of Grass Land. In the Saucer section of the stage, if a player collects a treasure while simultaneously using the Saucer's electric shock ability, the shock will continue endlessly once the player closes the treasure pop-up. This glitch can be cancelled out by touching the Reel Gate at the end of the level, or simply by pressing 2.[5]

Frozen Waddle Doo[edit]

When in Mushroom Run, the second stage of Treat Land, pushing a Yarn Waddle Doo onto a bouncy mushroom platform will cause it to freeze in a certain position while bouncing.[6]

Half-jumping Kirby[edit]

This glitch can be performed in Fountain Gardens, the first stage of Grass Land. Immediately before the Tankbot section of the stage, two Yarn Waddle Dees with beads in the shape of heart above them will appear on screen. The player must position Kirby so that one of Kirby's feet rests on each Waddle Dee, then press 2. Kirby will look like he is jumping, but he will remain standing on the Waddle Dees. This glitch also works in Big-Bean Vine with the Bow Waddle Dee and the scared Waddle Dee, both of which can be found to the right of the stage entrance.

Infinite beads[edit]

Tube Town[edit]

The infinite beads glitch can be performed in Tube Town, the second stage of Space Land. By luring a Snip-Snap out of its tunnel and hitting it with a yarn ball, the player will collect beads. This can be done repeatedly to obtain a maximum streak of 999 beads.[7][8]

Whispy's Forest[edit]

The player can also reach a bead streak of 999 in Whispy's Forest. This stage includes a cannon room with four Bronto Burts carrying large beads. If Kirby defeats the Bronto Burt closest to the ground and makes a full cycle around the room, the other three Bronto Burts will continuously respawn holding their beads.[8]

Invisible Future City platform[edit]

After the first conveyor belt in Future City, groundpounding at the wall on the right causes the player to land on a platform off-screen. Landing by regular means or in parachute form will simply cause Angie to pick up the character. Once on the platform, certain actions will allow the character to remain on the platform, like jumping and landing in any way, or whipping while standing on the platform. Gaining any kind of horizontal distance will displace the character from the platform and summon Angie.[9]

Out of bounds glitch[edit]

In 2-player mode, if Kirby and Prince Fluff perform consecutive Yarn Whips on each other quickly enough, they can gain height.[10] With enough height, they can eventually fall out of the top of the stage. After a certain point, it will be impossible to undo this glitch without exiting the stage. Since the inputs required to perform this glitch are so precise, it is considered virtually impossible without tool assistance.[2]

Curiously, instead of being blank, the out-of-bounds area is textured with a star-studded quilt look that cannot be found anywhere else in the game, despite the fact that the player is not meant to be able to see it at all.

Rocking Horse glitch[edit]

If a Rocking Horse is placed in a way that when whipped its height is comparable to that of a rug, standing or sitting on the Rocking Horse causes the character to quickly switch between the rug and the horse until the Rocking Horse comes to a full, pixel-perfect stop. Dismounting the Rocking Horse, walking around, sitting down and even jumping during this timeframe do not affect the glitch, as it is entirely reliant on the character's positioning rather than actions.[11]

Yin-Yarn glitch[edit]

In phases two and four of the Yin-Yarn fight, Kirby must escape from behind a curtain by entering a door near the top of the screen. In 2-player mode, if one player throws the other at the top of the screen and then enters the door, the thrown player will be stuck in midair until Yin-Yarn drops the curtain again or is defeated.[2]

Yin-Yarn softlock[edit]

After leaving the final Tankbot section of the Yin-Yarn fight, if a player holds up, their character will whip upwards rather than at the knitting needles. In 2-player mode, if both players do this, the knitting needles will stay in the ground. As soon as Kirby and Prince Fluff finish their victory dance, the game is softlocked.[12]