Devilish Mode

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Devilish Mode
Devilish Mode Selection.jpg
The Fountain Gardens stage screen with Devilish Mode selected.
Type(s) Extra Game
Levels One in each stage
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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Devilish Mode is an additional difficulty selection available in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, which can be chosen in place of 'Normal Mode' whenever Kirby enters a stage. Choosing this mode changes the focus of the stage from merely reaching the end at whatever pace the player desires to having to outrun the Devils and avoid getting hit by them. A crucial difference in Devilish Mode is the addition of a life meter which takes the form of a star in five pieces, officially referred to as Life Pieces. Every time Kirby is hit by a devil, he loses one piece, and if he runs out of them, he is defeated and has to restart the stage.

Differences from Normal Mode[edit]

When Devilish Mode is selected, the stage will begin as usual. After a little while, however, the music abruptly changes to a more dramatic piece as the devils appear on the scene. Which devils will appear depends on the stage. The devils will continually pursue Kirby and attempt to attack him. Kirby can retaliate by throwing a Yarn Ball or other object at them to cause them to drop some beads and temporarily drive them off, but they will return to harass him again eventually.

Kirby's goal is to reach the end of the stage and lose as few of his life pieces as possible. Each life piece retained at the end of the stage will be added to a score sheet, with certain milestones unlocking new pieces of furniture. It is not possible to earn more than five pieces per stage, so the player is encouraged to complete each stage without getting hit by the devils.

Devils can also appear during Boss fights, and will continue to harass Kirby while he is attempting to fight the main baddie.

Devils do not appear during Metamortex transformation sections, with the exception of stages that consist almost entirely of them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デビルモード
Debiru Mōdo
Devil Mode