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Devilish Mode

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Devilish Mode
KEEY Devilish Mode selection screenshot.png
The Fountain Gardens stage screen with Devilish Mode selected.
Type(s) Extra Mode
Levels One in each stage
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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In this challenging mode, you'll be hounded by Devils as you make your way to the goal.
Try to finish with as many Life Pieces as you can—collect a lot and you'll unlock rewards!

— In-game description of Devilish Mode from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Devilish Mode is an additional difficulty selection available in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, which can be chosen in place of 'Normal Mode' whenever Kirby enters a stage. Choosing this mode changes the focus of the stage from merely reaching the end at whatever pace the player desires to having to outrun the Devils and avoid getting hit by them and their attacks. A crucial difference in Devilish Mode is the addition of a life meter which takes the form of a star in five pieces, officially referred to as Life Pieces. Every time Kirby is hurt, falls into a pit or gets crushed, he loses one life piece, and if he runs out of them, he is defeated and the player has to restart the stage.

Kirby's goal is to reach the end of the stage and lose as few of his life pieces as possible. Each life piece retained at the end of the stage will be added to a score sheet, with certain milestones unlocking new pieces of furniture. It is not possible to earn more than five pieces per stage, so the player is encouraged to complete each stage without getting hit by the devils.

As the devils chase Kirby, they can drop spiked balls, charge at him horizontally, and fire heart-shaped beams at him. Kirby can use a yarn ball or any of his Ravel Abilities to make them temporarily disappear for the meantime until they can come to attack Kirby again. This also causes them to drop extra beads.

Devils will still try to attack Kirby during boss fights, making it more difficult to maneuver around attacks. While they do not appear at all during most Metamortex transformation sections, they can still appear in stages that are almost entirely composed of them, such as Dusk Dunes.

Although a stage usually has only one type of devil, there are two stages where multiple types of devils may appear: Yin-Yarn and Meta Melon Isle.

Differences from Normal Mode[edit]

  • A life meter appears on the bottom screen. If it's depleted, the player must restart the stage from the beginning.
  • While the stage begins as usual, the devils will appear at a later point, and the current music changes to a more dramatic piece. The music changes back to normal if the devils are driven away. The music change does not occur during boss battles, though a brief jingle will still play every time a Devil appears regardless of stage.
  • Midway through the stage, Prince Fluff tosses an item that replenishes all of Kirby's life pieces if he lost any, instead of a Ravel Ability or extra beads.
  • After Kirby completes the stage, the scoreboard will instead show the number of life pieces retained throughout the stage, and are collected. If they are newly collected life pieces, they will be added to a reward roadmap, unlocking new furniture if the player hits the needed amounts.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デビルモード
Debiru Mōdo
Devil Mode
French Mode diabolique Devilish Mode
German Teufelsmodus Devil Mode
Italian Modalità demoniaca Demonic Mode
Korean 데빌 모드
debil modeu
Devil Mode
Polish Devilish Mode[1] -
Spanish Modo diabólico Devilish Mode