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Yarn ball

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Yarn ball
KEY Kirby holding Ball of Yarn.png
Kirby holding a regular yarn ball in Kirby's Epic Yarn
Type Character item
Function Used as ammunition
Found Produced using Kirby or Prince Fluff's Roll Up technique
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
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Throw a ball of yarn to damage an enemy or break a block.
— Kirby's Epic Yarn Instruction Booklet (North American Print), page 12

A yarn ball[1] (also referred to as a ball of yarn[2]) is an object that can be created by rolling up an enemy or object using the Yarn Whip in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. After obtaining a yarn ball, Kirby or Prince Fluff can then toss it in any given direction to attack other enemies or break blocks, including cloth blocks and enemies that cannot be affected directly by the Yarn Whip. They can also be placed down on the ground and picked up again later. Using yarn balls is the primary means of attacking bosses in the game.

In Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, yarn balls can be created using the Knitting Needles Ravel Ability. When wrapping up an enemy on top of using this ability, extra large yarn balls are created which can pass through enemies when thrown.

Types of yarn balls[edit]

There are several different types of yarn balls, which are made from certain types of enemies. These are as follows (note that names are conjectural):

  • Regular: a standard circular yarn ball that can be tossed to defeat enemies, similar to a Star Bullet.
  • Arrow: a triangular projectile that passes through enemies it hits into.
  • Homing: a winged yarn ball that chases after enemies it is thrown toward. Some of these can split into three projectiles when thrown.
  • Bomb: a yarn ball with a fuse that can be tossed forward in an arc. It does not explode on impact, instead exploding when its fuse burns through. This type can only be created by wrapping up Bomber.
  • Wheel: resembles a regular yarn ball until thrown, where it rolls across the ground until hitting its target. If thrown upward, it will travel forward in an arc then fall to the ground. This type can only be created by wrapping up Shelby.
  • Light: a yarn ball that dispels darkness around it. This type can only be created by wrapping up Stogue.
  • Giant: a yarn ball made by transforming an enemy into a yarn ball while also using the Knitting Needles ability, resulting in a larger projectiles that can pass through enemies.

Yarn balls by enemy/object[edit]

When enemies and objects are wrapped up into a yarn ball, the resulting ball will retain the color(s) of the object or enemy in question, though this is purely cosmetic. The following enemies and objects turn into the following types of yarn balls when wrapped up (enemies not listed here cannot be turned into yarn balls or do not appear in places where the Yarn Whip can be used):

Enemy/Object Type
Balloon Waddle Dee Regular
Battins Homing (triple)
Blipper Regular
Bobber Clod Arrow
Bomber Bomb
Bow Waddle Dee Arrow (when grabbing bow or arrows)
Bronto Burt Homing
Buttonbee Homing (triple)
Buttonbug Homing (triple)
Buttonfly Homing
Chilly Regular
Cyclod Regular
Dandan (and projectile) Regular
Dropso Regular
Embird Regular
Fangora's fireballs Regular
Gator Regular
Jelly Jr. Regular
Mariner Regular
Meta Knight's Crescent Shots Regular
Octopea Regular
Ooki Regular
Parasol Waddle Dee Regular
Dropped Star Regular
Sawgill Arrow
Sea Jelly Regular
Shelby Wheel
Soldier Regular
Spear Waddle Dee Arrow (when grabbing spear)
Stogue Light
Sulkworm's projectiles Regular
Swadclod Regular
Sword and Spear Mariners' weapons Arrow
Sword and Spear Soldiers' weapons Arrow
UFO Homing (triple)
Uniclod Arrow
Waddle Dee Regular
Waddle Doo Regular
Yarn Block Regular

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Balle de fil Yarn ball
Spanish Bola de estambre Yarn ball


  1. "Make a yarn ball anytime! Or make a HUGE yarn ball by wrapping up an enemy." --pause flavor text for Knitting Needles from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
  2. Name taken from Kirby's Epic Yarn Instruction Booklet (North American Print), page 12