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Yarn mole

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Yarn mole
KEEY Yarn mole screenshot.png
Screenshot of a yarn mole from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
First game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn (2019)
Similar entities Cyclod (appearance)
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Yarn mole[conjectural title] is a brown mole-like creature that appears exclusively in Dedede Gogogo from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. It pops out of the ground in various places when King Dedede gets near and has an unassuming appearance, though it appears to be wearing triangular sunglasses. Under normal circumstances, King Dedede will pass right by this enemy without any sort of interaction, but he can attack the Yarn mole with his hammer or Head Slide to defeat it and earn some fuse beads.

Yarn mole can be found in every stage of Dedede Gogogo. It drops 15 Fuse Beads when defeated with a hammer or Head Slide. Additionally, if struck with an attack, it will careen off the screen, dropping additional beads as it does so.