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Volcanic Panic

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Volcanic Panic

KatRC Volcanic Panic select.png

KatRC 6-3 Volcanic Panic Stage Select JP.jpg

Volcanic Panic stage selection screen
Host level Red Volcano
Stage number 3
Treasures Thornsby Figurine
Cotta General Figurine
Revenge of Meta Knight: Ending Track
Broom Hatter Figurine
Heavy Lobster Track
Theme music

Clips of both songs that play in Volcanic Panic. The latter plays during the rising lava segments.

Level progression
Back to the Battleship The Claykken's Sea of Fire
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Volcanic Panic is the third stage of the level Red Volcano in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. In this stage, Kirby has to traverse several tight passageways while lava continually rises from below.

Completing the stage unlocks The Claykken's Sea of Fire.


The stage begins in a relatively calm and open area among the rocks. Up ahead, some Thornsbys guard a cannon that leads to the next area. Just to the right from here, another Thornsby guards a 1-Up.

Kirby shortly lands at the bottom of a long vertical passageway which is slowly filling with lava from below. He will need to move quickly to keep ahead of the rising magma tide, but there are a fair number of enemies and hazards to contend with - as well as items to collect, including two treasure chests - along the way. Near the top, the door forward is moved upward by a shifting rock slab, forcing Kirby to travel a little further to reach it.

The next area is another relatively calm one. A challenge door can be accessed here, and then a geyser can be activated to get some stars. Further right, Kirby will find another more heavily-guarded 1-Up cache before proceeding through the next door.

From here, Kirby has to traverse a more horizontal tunnel with rising lava from below, making things a little more urgent. Two more treasure chests can be collected along this path, but haste is needed to avoid making roasted marshmallows look like ice cubes compared to our pink hero. A cannon can be accessed at the end of this area to move on.

The following area is an open underground space, where Kirby can make rapid progress by firing through a network of cannons. It is a relatively short section, ending with Kirby being fired up and out.

In the last area, Kirby is shot up out of a caldera and slams into a point star block, showering the area in stars like a volcanic eruption. The roulette wheel can be found to the right from here to end the stage.

Treasure guide[edit]

All five treasures in 6-3 Volcanic Panic.
Treasure Chest locations in Volcanic Panic  
Treasure How to reach
KatRC Volcanic Panic Treasure 1.png
Treasure 1: Thornsby Figurine
While ascending the first rising lava area, this chest can be found over to the right off the main path above a bed of springs.
KatRC Volcanic Panic Treasure 2.png
Treasure 2: Cotta General Figurine
Near the top of the first rising lava area, this chest can be collected after breaking a Bomb Block barrier on the main path, though Kirby will need to be quick to grab it before it falls into the lava below.
In the intermission zone between the two rising lava areas, this chest can be found through a challenge room door blocked off by a Thornsby. In this challenge, Kirby has to quickly defeat the Thornsbys in the way of the chest.
KatRC Volcanic Panic Treasure 4.png
Treasure 4: Broom Hatter Figurine
Near the start of the second rising lava area, this chest can be obtained by breaking a Bomb Block barrier below it. Doing this causes some Thornsbys to drop around Kirby though, so he will need to deal with them afterward.
KatRC Volcanic Panic Treasure 5.png
Treasure 5: Heavy Lobster Track
Near the end of the second rising lava area, this chest can be obtained by using a Star Dash to power through some metal blocks.


The following enemies appear in this stage:

Image Name
KatRC Blado.png Blado
KatRC Cotta.png Cotta
KatRC Cotta General.png Cotta General
KatRC Gordo.png Gordo
KatRC Hot Head.png Hot Head
KatRC Thornsby.png Thornsby


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 恐怖きょうふのマグマ火山かざん
Kyōfu no Maguma Kazan
Fearful Magma Volcano
French Panique volcanique Volcanic panic
German Vulkanpanik Volcano panic
Italian Panico vulcanico Volcanic panic
Spanish Pánico volcánico Volcanic panic