Big-Bean Vine

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Big-Bean Vine
Big-Bean Vine Start Screen
Treasures -Lattice
-Cloud Pillow
-Big-Bean Vine Soundtrack
Patch Bean Patch
Previous Stage Rainbow Falls
Next Stage Fangora
Theme Music
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Big-Bean Vine is the fourth of seven stages of Grass Land in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn. Kirby unlocks it with the Bean Patch from Rainbow Falls.

Patch Animation[edit]

After throwing the Bean Patch, it settles into a dedicated slot and an animation of a bean vine growing to the area's door begins. After the bean plant is done growing, the door opens. The same bean vine can be watered later to watch it grow further.


The stage plays around a large beanstalk, which grows vertically. There are different kinds of platforms on this beanstalk, namely large and stationary platforms, and small ones that drop down as you stand on it. Both Parasol Waddle Dee and Balloon Waddle Dee can and are used as platforms used for climbing the beanstalk.

In the second part of the stage, the ledges the beanstalk provides go farther and farther apart and the level becomes more cloudy. Enemy spawners spawn Balloon Waddle Dees, who can be stood on to get farther up the level.

Medal Bead Scores[edit]

  • Bronze - 300 points
  • Silver - 600 points
  • Gold - 900 points


Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None.


A two-star Bonus Star can be found on a small collapsing platform in the beginning of the level.

The first treasure, the Lattice, can be found at the end of the first part of the level and be reached by jumping across the gap using the Parasol Waddle Dees' parasols.

The third treasure, the Big Bean Vine Soundtrack, can be found on a ledge reachable by jumping on it from a sleeping Waddle Dee's head on the right side of the clouds on the ledge.

A three-star Bonus Star can be found above the second enemy spawner. You can reach it by floating down from the ledge above.

A five-star Bonus Star can be found on a ledge in the clouds on the right on the second part of the level where you have to use Balloon Waddle Dee to ascend.

The second treasure, the Cloud Pillow can be found slightly above the five-star bonus star. The ledge it is on can be reached by jumping over to it in the car transformation from a collapsing platform next to it.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Big-Bean Vine.