Beadrix's Run

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Beadrix's Run
Beadrix's Run.jpg
The menu screen for Beadrix's Run, showing the last round.
Type(s) Collecting race
Levels 20
Players 1-2
Appears in Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Theme music

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Beadrix's Run is a Sub-Game found in Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn being the second sub-game to be unlocked. The game is arbitrated by Beadrix, and can be played as soon as the eponymous character moves in to the apartment in Quilty Square. The objective of the game is to traverse sections of stages visited previously and collect a specified number of Beads in a given time limit. There are 20 total rounds, unlocked as Kirby completes the stages in which the rounds take place, as well as completing previous rounds of the game. Completing each round rewards Kirby with a piece of Fabric.


The following table lists every round of Beadrix's Run, along with other details.

Beadrix's Run rounds  
Round Stage Difficulty Unlock Req. Time # of Beads needed Fabric Notes
1 Flower Fields 1 Have Beadrix move in. 1:30 600 Happy Flower
2 Pyramid Sands 2 Complete the prior round. 0:30 200 Hot Land
3 Big-Bean Vine 2 Complete the prior round. 1:00 200 Grass Land
4 Sweets Park 2 Complete Sweets Park and the prior round. 0:40 250 Ice Cream All three Sneak Sacks will need to be caught.
5 Blub-Blub Ocean 2 Complete Blub-Blub Ocean and the prior round. 0:20 200 Blue Star
6 Deep-Dive Deep 2 Complete Deep-Dive Deep and the prior round. 0:20 200 Raindrops Follow the green beads for best chance of success.
7 Lava Landing 2 Complete the prior round. 0:30 160 Fireball
8 Mt. Slide 3 Complete Mt. Slide and the prior round. 0:30 100 Iceberg This stage involves chasing a moving star bead.
9 Stellar Way 3 Complete Stellar Way and the prior round. 0:40 320 Milky Way
10 Dino Jungle 3 Complete the prior round. 0:25 250 Spooky Woods Kirby will have to use the background to sneak past the Sneak Sacks.
11 Mushroom Run 3 Complete the prior round. 0:30 250 Bitter Cocoa Every bead needs to be collected.
12 Fountain Gardens 4 Complete the prior round. 0:20 200 Brick Kirby will need to keep at top speed to win this one.
13 Whispy's Forest 4 Complete Whispy's Forest and the prior round. 0:30 250 Green Dot
14 Cozy Cabin 4 Complete the prior round. 0:50 680 Hot Dog The beads in each formation will disappear if not collected quickly.
15 Future City 5 Complete the prior round. 0:40 340 Chain Link
16 Mole Hole 4 Complete Mole Hole and the prior round. 0:40 240 Stone Wall
17 Evergreen Lift 4 Complete Evergreen Lift and the prior round. 1:00 280 Holiday Trees
18 Moon Base 5 Complete Moon Base and the prior round. 0:50 350 Planetarium
19 Battleship Halberd 5 Complete Battleship Halberd and the prior round. 1:20 1200 Halberd This is an extra fast run.
20 Outer Rings 5 Complete Outer Rings and the prior round. 1:30 1000 Ringed Planet This is an extra fast run.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Canadian French Perles de Perlanne Beadrix's Beads


  • All of the other sub-games in Epic Yarn can be completed before Beadrix's Run can.
Kirby collects beads in the shape of a Waddle Dee in a saucer as a Saucer in Round 1.