Indigo Ocean

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Indigo Ocean
KRC Level 3 Indigo Ocean.jpg
Level Nr. 3
Stages Swept Out to Sea
The Haunted Ship
Kirby Submarine's Torpedo Time
The Claykken's Lair
Boss The Claykken
Level Progression
Yellow Dunes Blue Sky Palace
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Indigo Ocean is the third level of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and the third section of Seventopia. It is filled with deep seas and tropical coasts.


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Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Defeating The Claykken is necessary to move on to Blue Sky Palace. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Transformation Treasures Notes
Swept Out to Sea Xmark.png 5
The Haunted Ship Xmark.png 5
Kirby Submarine's Torpedo Time Kirby Submarine 5 The Mid-Boss Deepsee is fought in this stage.
The Claykken's Lair Xmark.png Xmark.png Completing this stage unlocks Blue Sky Palace.

Swept Out to Sea (3-1)[edit]

This stage takes place almost entirely in a series of underwater tunnels resembling a coral reef. Kirby will have to battle the currents here to get where he wants to go.

The Haunted Ship (3-2)[edit]

Dethskullks make their first appearance here. The stage takes place in several distinct chambers, where Kirby will have to grab the keys to unlock the door to the next area. The last of these keys needs to be wrangled from the Dethskullk King.

Kirby Submarine's Torpedo Time (3-3)[edit]

As the title implies, this is where the Kirby Submarine is first seen. Most of the stage consist of auto-scrolling areas, where Kirby can fire torpedoes at his foes (which can be guided by the Rainbow Rope). The Mid-Boss Deepsee is fought at the end of this stage.

The Claykken's Lair (3-Boss)[edit]

The Claykken is fought in this stage. This giant squid battles Kirby from the background by trying to swipe his spiky tentackes into Kirby's area. The non-spiky areas of the tentacle are vulnerable, and can be attacked. Further into the fight, The Claykken will dip its whole self into the fray, where its backside then becomes the weak point.